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Policy of Support for Persons with Life Threatening Communicable Illnesses

The University recognizes that persons suffering from life threatening communicable illnesses have a right and a responsibility to continue in their regular work or academic pursuits as long as they are capable of carrying out the duties and obligations associated with those pursuits; and recognizes that individuals who contract a life threatening communicable illness, including AIDS, are entitled to continue in their employment or studies provided that the health, safety and well being of others are not endangered.

The University is guided in the application of this policy by current research findings and medical advice relevant to the individual case.

All members of the University community are urged to recognize the responsibility they have for ensuring that those with such illnesses are treated in a caring and supportive manner.

It is very important that you carefully consider the total financing of your education, from your first session at the University of Calgary to completing your degree objective. If financial help will be needed beyond funds that you or your family are able to provide, you should make the necessary applications for financial assistance well in advance of enrolment.

While the needs and resources of each student differ, the University can provide a general list of fees and expenses normally encountered.

We have also provided a listing of average costs for various items and services you might require while living in Calgary.