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Individuals with a concern regarding a possible occurrence of sexual harassment have the following mutually non-exclusive alternatives to assist them: (a) If possible, immediate personal strategies should be utilized such as informing the alleged harasser (either in person or by letter) that such behaviour is offensive and requesting an end to the perceived harassment. Frequently, this assertive stance curtails further incidents. (b) If this is not possible or productive, someone who is empowered to investigate allegations of sexual harassment should be contacted: the Sexual Harassment Advisor at (403) 220-4086 or the appropriate dean or administrative equivalent who supervises the alleged harasser. In cases where physical assault has occurred, the complaint may also be lodged with Calgary Communities Against Sexual Abuse (CCASA) at (403) 237-5888 or the Calgary Police at (403) 266-1234. Whatever routes are taken, every effort should be made to document precisely what has transpired.

Complaints of sexual harassment do not have to enter a formal investigative and disciplinary procedure simply because an individual has chosen to speak to the Sexual Harassment Advisor. Individuals are free to simply make a report of the incident to the Advisor. These reports are useful for statistical purposes and assist in directing educational initiatives. Individuals wishing to pursue the matter can file a written complaint with the Advisor who will then attempt to effect an "informal resolution" to the problem. Informal resolutions usually involve the Advisor consulting with the two parties either individually or together. The end result must be satisfactory to all parties. If an informal resolution fails or is inappropriate, a formal hearing may be held on any written complaint of sexual harassment where there is no other negotiated or legislated procedure to pursue a complaint against the alleged offender.

Due to the nature of the issue of sexual harassment, the policy and procedures are regularly reviewed. Persons seeking information on this issue are therefore encouraged to contact the Sexual Harassment Advisor. The Advisor is located in MacEwan Student Centre, Counselling Centre, Room 375 and may be reached by telephone at (403) 220-4086.

The Advisor is also available for confidential advice and assistance in dealing with other forms of discrimination and harassment.

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