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Application for Degree

All undergraduate and graduate students who expect to receive degrees or diplomas at one of the May, Spring (June) or Fall (November) Convocations must complete an Application for Degree (whether they are attending the convocation ceremony or not). The Application for Degree is available through the online Student Centre via MyUofC. Deadlines to apply for a degree are available at Students who apply for their degree at a specific convocation but do not qualify must subsequently submit another Application for Degree. In those cases where more than 12 months have elapsed since the last registration in an undergraduate program, students should contact their faculty as they may also be required to submit an Application for Admission.

Students granted permission to complete their degrees at other institutions in the Winter Session of their graduating year and those writing deferred examinations will graduate at the Fall Convocation next following. Official transcripts of grades must be received by Enrolment Services before a student's name will be placed on the graduation list. Transcripts must be received not later than one month before any Convocation. The University does not accept responsibility for obtaining transcripts of grades from other institutions for the student.

Students who do not meet the above conditions by the prescribed deadlines may not expect to have their names added to the graduation lists or to be recommended for their degree until the following convocation. Irrespective of cause, no students' names will be added to the convocation program later than three weeks before the ceremony.

Students completing degree requirements at Spring Session (May to June) or Summer Session (July to August) will not receive their degrees prior to Fall Convocation.