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Scheduling of Examinations

All final examinations must be scheduled by the Registrar except those final examinations which are take-home examinations, oral examinations or terminal projects. The dates for Weekend University final examinations are earlier than regularly scheduled final examinations except when a common examination is being held. Unscheduled examinations, assignments, tests, etc., may not be held by instructors after the last day of classes, i.e., during the study break or the examination period at the end of each session. Any such testing should be conducted by the instructor during the regular class periods before the end of a session. (See paragraph under Examinations and Tests above for weighting of tests during the last two weeks of lectures.) Common mid-year tests in full courses must be scheduled by the Registrar during the final examination period.

The Examinations Timetable is produced by computer from the list of courses which are to be scheduled and from each student's course registration. The University attempts to prepare an efficient timetable so that students (who are properly registered) will not have conflicts in their examination times, and attempts to reduce the number of students writing back-to-back examinations.

Requests for pre-assignment of examinations to special dates for whatever cause or reason cannot be accommodated. Similarly, changes in the dates of scheduled examinations cannot be approved. The results of student votes on this matter will not be considered, as these have been found to result in illegitimate pressure on dissentients.

The Examinations Timetable will be published approximately one month after the start of the session and will be available via MyUofC in the online Student Centre, at the Enrolment Services website ( and posted on the bulletin board at the U of C Service Stop (MLB 117).