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Proof of Identity

I. Tests

Invigilators of any tests may, when they have reason to believe there is cause to do so, challenge any candidate to produce proof of identity either in the form of the University I.D. card or some acceptable equivalent (i.e., one bearing a photograph) such as a Provincial Driver's License, Canadian Citizenship Card, Passport, etc.

If there is clear evidence that impersonation has occurred, the individual shall not be permitted to continue the test and shall be reported immediately to the dean or delegate of the faculty in which the course is offered.

A student who is not able to provide acceptable proof of identity may be permitted to continue the test provided that he or she undertakes to provide verification of identity later. If verification is not provided, then the student will receive an "F" in the test, and the matter will be referred to the dean or delegate of the faculty in which the course is offered for consideration of further disciplinary action.

II. Final Examinations

All candidates for final examinations are required to place their University of Calgary student I.D. cards on their desks for the duration of the examination. This requirement is publicized at the time of posting of the examination timetable each session.

Students without an I.D. card who can produce an acceptable alternative I.D., e.g., one with a printed name and photograph, will be allowed to write the examination.

A student without acceptable I.D. will be required to complete an Identification form. The form indicates that there is no guarantee that the examination paper will be graded if any discrepancies in identification are discovered after verification with the student's file.

A student who refuses to produce identification or who refuses to complete and sign the form will not be permitted to write the examination. The circumstances will be reported in writing to the dean and to the Registrar for consideration of further disciplinary action.

Invigilators need not require student identification if the student is personally known to the invigilator.