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Academic Standing

Grading System

Students shall have been informed by their instructors of the grades currently earned by one week before the withdrawal deadline in all courses. (Provided a term paper, assignment or test has been submitted with sufficient time for marking.)

The official grading system must be used to report final grades to Enrolment Services but need not be used for individual assignments, quizzes, etc. An instructor electing not to use the official system for a particular component(s) of a course must provide the class, in the same format that was used for the course outline, with an interpretation of the system being used which would enable students to determine their standing within the official system. Such feedback will be provided on the course outline or the first time feedback is given to students. Departmental/Faculty approval is required in the same manner as for the course outline. This interpretation can subsequently be changed only if the grades of registered students in the section of the course will not be lowered. Departmental/Faculty approval is required in the same manner as for the course outline. Any concerns about changes to the interpretation are first to be addressed to the Department Head or equivalent in non-departmentalized faculties. Students not satisfied should contact the Faculty office to follow normal appeal procedures.

It is at the instructor's discretion to round off either upward or downward to determine a final grade when the average of term work and final examinations is between two letter grades.

The University will not undertake any official conversion or equation of the University of Calgary's letter grades with any percentage or other grading systems.

Undergraduate Grading System


Grade Point Value







Excellent-superior performance, showing comprehensive understanding of subject matter.







Good - clearly above average performance with knowledge of subject matter generally complete.







Satisfactory - basic understanding of the subject matter.



Receipt of a grade point average of 1.70 may not be sufficient for promotion or graduation. (See individual undergraduate faculty regulations.)





Minimal pass - marginal performance; generally insufficient preparation for subsequent courses in the same subject.



Fail - unsatisfactory performance or failure to meet course requirements.



Incomplete - unsatisfactory (effective January 2007).

*Passing grades; the number of "D" and "D+" grades acceptable for credit is subject to specific undergraduate faculty promotional policy.

** Not all work has been submitted. Or may be used if instructor knows that an application for a Deferred Exam has been made. If all work is submitted, but unsatisfactory, an F-grade would be awarded.

The Faculty of Law, in addition, uses a CR/D/F system for certain of its courses.

A system of grading which carries no weight in the determination of grade point averages (as follows) is used by the Faculty of Medicine for its MD program.

CR - Completed requirements

RM - Remedial work required

F - Fail

Certain courses in other faculties are also graded on a CR/F basis and are identified by the notation "Not Included in GPA" in the course description section of this Calendar. The grades in these courses are not included in the calculation of the grade point average. Such courses may be required in certain programs for graduation purposes, as indicated in the faculty sections of this Calendar, but will carry no weight in the determination of grade point averages.

University policy requires that students' grades in a course are reported according to the grading scheme of the faculty giving the course (regardless of the faculty in which a student is registered) and are so recorded on students' transcripts of record.

Graduate Grading System

Students registered in the Faculties of Environmental Design and Graduate Studies are graded using a letter-based system. Please refer to the Faculty of Graduate Studies Calendar for details.


AE - Aegrotat standing

AU - Auditor

GP - Grade Pending (Implies Deferred Final Exam (DFE) or Deferral of Term Work (DFT)

MT - Multi-Term

RW - Required to withdraw

SF - Special deferred examination

W - Withdrew

X - Grade not reported by instructor

Grade Point Average

All grades are used in the calculation of yearly grade point averages, both for purposes of the official transcript of record and cumulative grade point averages determined by the faculties. For promotion or graduation, many faculties do not use a cumulative grade point average; instead, they use a continuous grade point average that excludes lower grades in repeated courses and/or grades in courses that are extra to the degree. Refer to individual faculty sections for promotion and graduation requirements.

In the determination of the grade point average, courses are weighted by the unit value of the course (e.g. 6 units or a full-course, 3 units or half-course etc.)


Since F=0, D=1, C=2, B=3, A, A+=4, B-=2.7 (See Undergraduate Grading System), a student who completed three full courses and four half courses with grades A+, B, C, D, F, A and B- respectively would have the grade point average computed in the following manner.

Full courses:

6 units x 4 (A+) = 24

6 units x 3 (B) = 18

6 units x 2 (C) = 12

Half courses:

3 units x 1 (D) = 3

3 units x 0 (F) = 0

3 units x 4 (A) = 12

3 units x 2.7 (B-) = 8.1


30 units = 77.1

77.1 ÷ 30 = 2.57 Weighted Grade Point Average

Honours Degrees and Degrees with Distinction

Honours degrees are available from the Faculties of Communication and Culture, Fine Arts, Humanities, Kinesiology, Medicine (BHSc), Science and Social Sciences. Please refer to the graduation requirements for Honours degrees in the faculty sections of this Calendar.

The notation "With Distinction" will be inscribed on the permanent record and graduation parchment of a candidate for the degree of BA, BSc, BComm, BEd (Master of Teaching Program), BSc (Engineering), BFA, BKin, BMus, BN, BSW or LLB if the candidate has obtained the required weighted average as defined under faculty promotional policy.

A student who has taken part of his/her work at another university may be granted a degree "With Distinction" at the discretion of the faculty concerned.

Dean's List

The Faculties of Communication and Culture, Fine Arts, Haskayne School of Business, Humanities, Kinesiology, Law, Medicine (BHSc), Nursing, Schulich School of Engineering, Science and Social Sciences have a Dean's List. Requirements for inclusion on the Dean's List are given in each faculty's section of this Calendar. Placement on a Dean's List will be noted on the student's transcript.

Unsatisfactory Standing

All faculties review a student's performance for continuation in a program. University regulations require that an undergraduate student, at the time of review, be required to withdraw from the University if the student's grade point average is less than 1.70. A few faculties have higher requirements for continuation in a program.

Students will be permitted a maximum of one probationary period while registered as undergraduate students at the University of Calgary. Students will be required to withdraw rather than be placed on probation for a second time. Probationary periods that have occurred in excess of five years previous will not be counted.

A faculty council may refuse permission to a student or prospective student to enter any year of any program, if, in the opinion of that council, the student shows a lack of general educational attainment. Further, a student whose record in the classroom, in tests, or in final examinations is unsatisfactory, may at any time be required to withdraw from the faculty in which he/she is registered.

The records affecting promotion and graduation of all students in the University are reviewed by persons designated by the faculty council. A student whose record is then found to be unsatisfactory will be so notified by the dean. The student may be required to withdraw from the faculty or to repeat the year. Students who receive letters concerning poor scholarship are reminded that the Counselling Centre is available to discuss this matter.

Notwithstanding specific regulations regarding probation and progress in program, students' academic standing may be reviewed at any time and, at the discretion of the dean or designate, a student may be permitted to continue in program under specified conditions or required to withdraw if specified conditions of admission or continuation in program are not met. These conditions shall be specified in writing by the dean or designate to the student.

The transcript of record will indicate if a student has been required to withdraw or placed on probation due to unsatisfactory standing. This notation will not be removed from the transcript of record.

Students who have been required to withdraw from a faculty at the University of Calgary and wish to return must re-apply for admission to the University by the stated deadlines. In order to be re-admitted, such applicants may be required to have completed a specified amount of course work with acceptable grades at another institution before re-admission will be granted. Consultation with the faculty to which re-admission will be sought is strongly recommended. Such applicants will not receive preference over new applicants. An interview with the dean of the faculty they wish to enter may also be required.

For specific faculty promotional policies, please refer to the statements in each faculty section of this Calendar.

Aegrotat Standing

Aegrotat standing (i.e., standing granted to a candidate who is prevented by illness from attending final examinations) may be granted by the faculty council offering the course(s) to a student registered in either of the last two years of any program. It should be noted that aegrotat standing may only be granted for courses in which the student is registered and attending.

Any student wishing to take advantage of this privilege should apply to the dean of the faculty concerned.


"Official" transcripts are transcripts which bear the University seal and signature and are either:

(a) mailed directly to an institution or agency by Enrolment Services, or

(b) given to students in a sealed, tamper-evident envelope which they can forward themselves, unopened. (Note: A few institutions will not accept these as "official" transcripts.)

(c) given to student NOT in a sealed, tamper-evident envelope. (Note: Many institutions will not accept these as "official" transcripts).

Students requiring transcripts of their University of Calgary record may request these via the web (, in person at the U of C Service Stop, or by personal letter. Payment must be made at the time of the request. Visa and MasterCard must be used for requests via the web. Transcripts cannot be issued on the basis of a telephone call or an email.

Information regarding current costs of transcripts is available at

Optional courier delivery is also available. Rates vary based on the destination. See the web for details.