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Religious/Spiritual Observance

The University recognizes that some students may not be able to attend classes, write tests or write final examinations on days of observance. The following applies:

1. Scheduled Classes: Where, due to religious/spiritual observance, a student will miss a class (for example, lecture, laboratory, tutorial) in which an evaluation of the student is to take place, the student must give two weeks notice to the instructor of the class of the intention to be absent. The instructor and the student will discuss alternative courses of action as described in the section above. Religious/spiritual observance does not preclude a student from having to meet deadlines for submission of assignments (for example, term papers, journals, book reviews), when such deadlines fall on a day of observance and the deadline was determined at the start of the course. Students who miss classes for religious/spiritual observances must make up the material covered in that class on their own.

2. Tests: Two weeks notice must be given to the instructor of a class when a student will be absent from a test due to religious/spiritual observance. The instructor and the student will discuss alternative courses of action.

3. Final Examinations: Students unable to attend a final examination due to religious/spiritual observance should contact their Associate Dean or refer to the section of this Calendar referring to Deferral of Final Examinations.

When an instructor for a course is not available, notification of absence from a class or test may be given to the head of the department/unit offering the course. Failure to give two weeks notice can result in the University being unable to accommodate the student. The University reserves the right to require proof of religious/spiritual observance.