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Withdrawal from Courses and Withdrawal from the Session

Students who withdraw from course(s):

  • prior to the registration deadline will have the course(s) removed from their permanent record and will not be required to pay fees for the course(s),
  • after the registration deadline will have the withdrawal recorded on their permanent record and will receive no fee refund.

Newly admitted students who do not attend the session to which they were admitted must reapply for admission, and will be considered using the admission criteria in effect at the time of re-application.

Students in the Faculties of Education, Nursing, and the Schulich School of Engineering who are withdrawing completely from a session after the registration deadline may not withdraw using the online Student Centre and must submit a Notice of Withdrawal form to the U of C Service Stop prior to the deadline date for withdrawal. Students in all other Faculties may withdraw completely from a term via MyUofC using their online Student Centre.

Withdrawal using the online Student Centre will not be permitted if a student has previously withdrawn from the same course or already has five full-course withdrawals. For such withdrawals, students must obtain faculty approval. Students are also not permitted to withdraw from specific courses without faculty approval (e.g., practicum courses).

Students not eligible to withdraw via MyUofC using their online Student Centre must withdraw by completing a Change of Registration form and obtaining approval from their faculty office. Certain faculties may require the approval of the course instructor prior to approving the withdrawal form.

Students will not be permitted to withdraw more than once from a particular course. Students will be required to withdraw from their faculty and the University if they have accumulated a total of more than five full-course equivalent withdrawals while in attendance at the University of Calgary.

Students shall have been informed by their instructors of the grades currently earned by one week before the withdrawal deadline in all courses. (Provided a term paper, assignment or test has been submitted with sufficient time for marking.)

The date of withdrawal from a course or from the session will be noted on the student's permanent record. The date of withdrawal from the session or course will be the date the dean of the faculty signed the Withdrawal or Change of Registration form or the date the student withdrew online using the online Student Centre at MyUofC.