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Block Week Courses

The University of Calgary has set aside five days at the start of Fall and Winter Sessions as Block Weeks mainly for the offering of regular courses in an intensive manner. Dates for Block Weeks are given in the Academic Schedule. (In addition, the Faculty of Environmental Design offers block course weeks throughout the academic year. For information about these weeks, refer to the Faculty of Environmental Design website.)

The following regulations apply to courses offered during Block Weeks:

·Block Week is for the offering of regular credit and non-credit courses. Some courses will be available only in a Block Week format.

·Lectures for Block Week courses must be held within the days set aside at the beginning of Fall and Winter Sessions. Permission of the Provost and Vice-President (Academic) is required to start or end a Block Week course earlier or later.

·The number of hours for attendance each day during Block Week shall not exceed eight hours. The total number of hours is recommended to approximate those offered during a regular session.

·Junior (200-level) courses may not be offered during Fall Session Block Week.

·The last day to drop a Block Week course (without it appearing on the student's transcript) shall be the end of the first day of lectures.

·The last day to withdraw from a Block Week course shall be the final day of lectures during the Block Week.

·Block Week courses beginning in the Fall may extend over both the Fall and Winter Block Weeks.

·Attendance at lectures, tutorials, laboratories, etc. will not be required beyond the duration of the Block Week(s). Students may be required to meet with instructors regarding assignments during the session.

·Although lectures, etc. are completed during the Block Week, students should be prepared to complete assignments and a final examination during the remainder of the session.

·Final grades for Block Week courses will not be required until the end of the session in which the course is offered.

·Final examinations for credit Block Week courses will be held during the regular examination period at the end of the session. In lieu of a final examination, a take-home final examination can be given out on the last day of lectures. Tests held on the last day of lectures cannot be worth more than 10% of the final grade. Exceptions to these regulations require the approval of the Provost and Vice-President (Academic).

·Pre-session study is not permitted in Block Week courses unless the deadline to register in the course is one month in advance of the start of lectures. Sending of pre-session study materials to registered students shall be the responsibility of the department and/or faculty offering the course.

·A Block Week course can be a prerequisite for a regular credit course. Normally, a prerequisite course will not be offered in the Block Week immediately preceding the session in which the follow-up course is being offered.

·Where a mandatory course for a degree is available only in the Block Week format, departments shall make arrangements for students who, for legitimate reasons, are unable to complete a course during Block Week.

·Use of a Block Week format will not be indicated on the student's transcript of record.

·It is at the discretion of the faculty in which a student is registered as to the number of courses that a student may attempt during a session, including Block Week courses.

·All Block Week courses will be subject to the GFC approved policy on Universal Student Ratings of Instruction.