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Registration Priority and Procedures

All students will be assigned a Registration Appointment based on their academic record. Refer to the Fall/Winter Sessions Course Registration and Planning Guide for further information. Students will not be permitted to register earlier than the date specified.

Registration instructions and a schedule of classes will be made available to students prior to the beginning of registration. On or after their registration date, students can register via MyUofC using their online Student Centre. Students should choose courses for both Fall and Winter Sessions at the same time. Students may view and print their Timetable and Statement of Fees in their online Student Centre after they have registered.

Newly admitted students entering year one of a degree program will be mailed the necessary registration materials at the time of admission. Students are strongly encouraged to seek advice on course selection from the Student Advisors in their faculty. This should be done as early as possible.

Students are advised to register for courses as soon as they are eligible to ensure the best selection. Those admitted after registration begins are required to register within three weeks of the issuance of their notification of admission. Faculties reserve the right to rescind the offer of admission if course registration has not taken place within this time frame.

Open Studies students with prior approval are able to register (add, drop and change courses) via MyUofC using their online Student Centre. Students not taking advantage of the prior approval procedure will register for courses at the U of C Service Stop.

Registration will begin for Open Studies students (degree and non-degree holding) on the dates noted in the Course Registration and Planning Guide (available from the U of C Service Stop or online at the Enrolment Services website, for remaining spaces in all courses, except those courses which have been indicated by faculties and/or departments as being closed to such students.

Open Studies degree holders, at the time of initial application, must provide a transcript indicating courses completed and the degree awarded.

Visiting students may register via MyUof C using their online Student Centre after submitting the combined application/registration form available at the U of C Service Stop or at

Visiting students will be permitted to register in Fall/Winter Session courses starting on the date noted in the Course Registration and Planning Guide (available from the U of C Service Stop or online at Enrolment Services website,

At the time of registration, Visiting students must provide a written letter of approval from the home institution which gives the student permission to complete courses at the University of Calgary. The letter must indicate the number of courses as well as the session/year in which courses can be completed.

Exchange students are not eligible to register online and must register on a combined application/registration form through the Exchange Coordinator at their home university.