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Admission/Registration Refusal

Appeals against denial of admission will not be considered when the denial is based on a Calendar requirement, the "Admission Requirements" policy, or the Diverse Qualifications or Aboriginal Admission Policies. Inquiries relevant to Calendar requirements or the "Admission Requirements" policy must be directed to the Director of Recruitment and Admissions whose ruling on such matters is final.

Applicants denied undergraduate admission to faculties for failure to satisfy other requirements shall have the right to appeal. The applicant will first contact the designated person within the faculty in which admission was refused concerning the grounds for refusal. All faculties shall have an Admission Appeals Committee which considers appeals based on substantive or procedural grounds. The Chairperson of the Faculty Admission Appeals Committee shall determine if there are reasonable grounds for the appeal. If the appeal is unsuccessful at the faculty level, the next step is an appeal to the Chairperson of the University's Program Coordination Committee. This appeal must be on the grounds of alleged bias and/or allegedly unfair procedures at the faculty level, or new evidence that could not have been presented to the Faculty Admission Appeals Committee. The Chairperson of the Program Coordination Committee shall either (a) deny the appeal for lack of grounds, or (b) return it to the faculty to be heard by a new committee struck by the dean, which is an extension of the Program Coordination Committee. The decision under (a) and (b) is final. (Further information about appeals to the Program Coordination Committee may be obtained from the Executive Secretary of the Committee or the Recruitment and Admissions Office).

Because there is no general right of admission to a graduate program, appeals concerning denial of admission are not generally considered appropriate. See the Faculty of Graduate Studies calendar for more information.

The dean of a student's faculty or the dean of the faculty offering a course has the right to refuse registration. Refusal of registration in courses may be appealed, with grounds, to the Appeals Committee of the faculty whose dean denied registration.