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Residence Requirements

Baccalaureate degree programs do not specify full-time study. However, given the scheduling of courses and the necessity to often complete courses concurrently or in a specified order, many students find it necessary to attend on a full-time basis. Students planning to obtain a degree by attending solely in the late afternoon and evening often find that required courses are only available during the day.

Many faculties have indicated an overall time limit in which a degree must be completed and the maximum amount of transfer credit which may be granted. Most undergraduate faculties require at least one half of the degree to be completed with courses offered by the University of Calgary. Faculties also have the right to determine if a student will be permitted to attend another institution even though the maximum amount of transfer credit has not been awarded. See individual faculty sections in this Calendar for specific information.

To obtain an undergraduate degree from the University of Calgary a minimum of five full University of Calgary courses which are not part of the requirements for a previous degree/diploma must have been completed.

Residence requirements for graduate degrees are outlined in the Faculty of Graduate Studies Calendar.