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Transcript Regulations

Students should bring or mail in personal copies of high school and post-secondary records to be considered for tentative admission. Notwithstanding this arrangement, transcripts must be received by the University by the deadlines indicated on Applications for Admissions Schedule.

Official transcripts are documents which are sent directly to the Recruitment and Admissions Office from the Department of Education and/or other institutions maintaining such records. It is the applicant's responsibility to ask the issuing institutions to send complete official transcripts directly to the Recruitment and Admissions Office, University of Calgary.

International applicants seeking admission on the basis of documents which are in a language other than English must submit official documents in original language as well as notarized English translations. Documents must indicate the subjects studied and the grades obtained in each subject.

Transcripts received by the Recruitment and Admissions Office become the property of the University of Calgary and will not be photocopied for the student or forwarded to other institutions.

Evaluation of documents not intended for admission to the University will not normally be undertaken.