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Application for Admission

An undergraduate Application for Admission must be completed by students who wish to be admitted to an undergraduate degree or diploma program. The Application for Admission is available online at

Students wishing to enter the Faculties of Environmental Design, Graduate Studies, Law or Medicine (MD) should contact the appropriate faculty office for application for admission forms.

Students wishing to register as Visiting, Exchange or Open Studies (degree or non-degree) students must complete the designated application/registration forms available from U of C Service Stop or at under Forms for Students.

Students who have been suspended, expelled or required to withdraw from a faculty at the University of Calgary must reapply for admission to the University by the stated deadlines. Such applicants will not receive preference over new applicants. Students who have been required to withdraw should refer to the Required to Withdraw Students section for further information.

Students who have not attended the University of Calgary for two years or more (one year or more for the Faculty of Education and Schulich School of Engineering) or who are applying to the Bachelor of Education (Master of Teaching) after degree program or who attended most recently as Visiting or Open Studies students or who have attended another institution since leaving the University of Calgary must submit a new Application for Admission. Some faculties require students to reapply for admission after an absence of one or two sessions. Students who have attended another institution since leaving the University must submit official transcripts of their record from such institutions. Official transcripts are those transcripts which are forwarded directly to the University from other educational institutions.

It should be noted that hard copy files of students who have not attended the University for five years will be destroyed (three years if a degree was obtained). At the time of seeking readmission to the University, it will be determined if it is necessary for the reapplicant to submit new official transcripts from previously attended institutions.

Any student who applied for admission to the University, but never attended, must complete a new Application for Admission and submit official transcripts. All documents are destroyed after being held for a period of one year.

Incomplete applications or those submitted without the application fee will not be processed. Complete applications and/or the application fee must be submitted to the Recruitment and Admissions Office prior to the application deadline to be considered for admission for the session indicated. The University accepts no responsibility for denials of admission based on the failure of applicants to submit their applications and/or fees in a timely manner.

Prospective applicants should not wait until the results of test scores and/or final high school results are received before applying for admission.

Application Fee

Applicants submitting an Application for Admission to the University are required to pay a non-refundable $100.00 ($130.00 for applicants who present non-Canadian credentials) application fee by April 1. Applications received without the fee will not be considered for admission. Students who have previously applied or attended the University of Calgary are required to submit this fee.

Students submitting a Visiting or Open Studies Application/Registration form are required to pay a non-refundable $35.00 fee.

Cheques or money orders should be made payable to the University of Calgary.

The above fees are subject to change without advance notice.