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General Reservations on Admissions

Any student who wishes to become a registered student of the University must complete an Application for Admission, meet the admission requirements of the University and receive a notice of acceptance before registering in courses or attending any session.

No applicant will be admitted tentatively or allowed to register in courses until evidence of admissibility is received or prescribed tests are written. All applicants admitted on a tentative basis must provide evidence of admissibility prior to the last day for registration in any given session.

The University of Calgary reserves the right, published requirements notwithstanding, to reject applicants for admission or registration in courses, even if they technically meet the entrance requirements, on the basis of their overall academic records or on the basis of grounds that, in the opinion of the University, are reasonable in the circumstances.

All students seeking admission to the University must indicate compliance with a declaration on the Application for Admission which includes the following:

"With regard to this application, I certify that the particulars furnished are true and complete in all respects. I understand that falsifying or omitting documents or omitting information on this application will result in immediate and permanent dismissal from the University. Falsified documents may be referred to the appropriate authorities for prosecution under the Criminal Code of Canada. Information on falsified documents is shared with the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada. Completion of this application gives express permission to the University of Calgary to request from other institutions any applicant's transcripts in addition to those already submitted. The University reserves the right to refuse admission or cancel any admission ruling, even if entrance requirements have been technically met, on the basis of their overall academic records or on the basis of grounds that, in the opinion of the University, are reasonable in the circumstances."

"I have read and understood this applicant declaration, and that if admitted to the University of Calgary, I agree to comply with all rules and regulations of the University."

No student will be permitted to register in a University of Calgary degree or diploma program while simultaneously working towards a degree or diploma at another institution. Students, without special permission of their faculty office, are not permitted to register in courses offered by another institution while they are proceeding towards a degree at the University of Calgary. Students who elect on their own to take courses at another post-secondary institution must reapply for admission by the University's stated deadlines, and there is no guarantee that any course work completed elsewhere without special permission of the faculty office will be accepted for transfer credit.