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Please refer to the section titled "Admission Requirements" at the University of Calgary for the admission requirements policy for this year.

All enquiries relating to undergraduate admission to the University (except for those Faculties noted directly below) should be directed to:

Recruitment and Admissions Office

University of Calgary
2500 University Drive N.W.
Calgary, Alberta T2N 1N4
Telephone: (403) 210-7625

All enquiries relating to admission to the Faculties of Environmental Design, Graduate Studies, Law and Medicine should be directed to those faculties.

The courses of study in the University are, unless otherwise noted, open to men and women on equal terms. There will be no discrimination in principle with the exception that General Faculties Council may from time to time recognize disadvantaged groups.

The language of instruction at the University of Calgary is English except in certain courses in the language departments. As resources permit, selected courses in some disciplines may also be offered in the French language.

The University of Calgary reserves the right, published requirements notwithstanding, to reject applicants for admission or registration in courses, even if they meet the entrance requirements, on the basis of their overall academic records or on the basis of grounds that, in the opinion of the University, are reasonable in the circumstances.