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A Message from the President


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A university education is not simply what you learn in textbooks, but everything you experience-inside and outside the classroom. It is not simply words on the blackboard, but the actions they inspire. It is not simply computers, calculators and equations, but the creation and sharing of knowledge. A university education is about the people you meet-your mentors and your friends.

A university education provides graduates with the tools for a life of continuous learning, the skills of creativity, problem-solving and leadership. Never has it been more important or valuable in building strong lives and futures.

I invite you to experience all of this at the University of Calgary. As we wrap up our 40th anniversary celebrations, we have much to anticipate. We are celebrating our past, but we are focused clearly on the future.

Over the past few years, we have made significant investment in enhancing the student experience on campus. Improvements to technology, new programs and services for students are complemented by an unprecedented$1.5-billion capital growth plan that will add capacity for more students and a host of new teaching and research opportunities.

But it doesn't stop there. We are also touching the student experience in many aspects of life outside the classroom. A $1-million enhancement to our automatic admission scholarship program, wireless Internet access, improved access to online services and more than 40 new student spaces-designed by students, for students-are just some of the improvements to life at the U of C.

The University of Calgary offers an education-an experience-in the broadest and most ambitious sense of the word. Be part of the growth, be part of the momentum, and join us in the excitement as we embark on our next 40 years.

Harvey P. Weingarten

President and Vice-Chancellor