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Published: July 26, 2016

Faculty or staff who are unsure whether their device or network are managed or unmanaged are encouraged to use the new online tool. Click on the ‘Is my computer managed?’ button (right side, IT homepage) and follow the procedure for either PC or Mac. This two-step process should only take a few minutes - first confirming network and then computer status.

Data recovery efforts are on track for the 9,000 email accounts provisioned with Office 365 as a result of the malware attack in May. On Monday, July 25, affected users will receive an email detailing what to expect. Recovery is slated to begin on July 26 and continue to the end of the month.

We’re starting to work with a new Support Centre tool. This means some of the automated email notifications you’ve received in the past may look a little different, including containing a request number (for example, REQ12345) instead of an incident number (for example, INC12345).

The process for off-boarding employees has also changed. Please select the 'Read more' link for more information.

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