Current Projects and Initiatives

Other programs and initiatives led by the VPTL

Universal Student Ratings of Instruction (USRI) Review

An important component in providing feedback to academic staff on their students' learning experiences is through student feedback. The USRI questionnaire is used at the University of Calgary to collect student feedback on university credit courses. These questionnaires provide information that helps:

  • Enhance quality teaching
  • Students with course selection

The USRI questionnaire was launched in 1998, and from that time period to now there has been significant advancement in research on student ratings of teaching in higher education.

Over the next year a working group approved by the General Faculties Council (GFC) Teaching and Learning Committee (TLC), of which the VPTL is a member, will be reviewing the USRI at the University of Calgary. The group will work in collaboration with the campus community to develop an appropriate approach to the USRI. 

For more information about the committee, please contact General Faculties Council, Teaching and Learning Committee.

For more information on the USRI and essential materials for Students, administrators, and instructors, please learn more here.

Teaching and Learning Leaders Network (TLLN)

The Teaching and Learning Leaders Network (TLLN) brings together leaders from across campus who are responsible for supporting and advancing teaching and learning within their units, providing opportunities for leaders to share ideas and resources, surface common concerns, and have fruitful discussions on how teaching and learning can be enhanced within units and across the institution. It also provides an opportunity for leaders across campus to receive regular updates and provide feedback on teaching and learning initiatives.

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Educational Leaders in Residence

The University of Calgary Educational Leaders in Residence program ignites change to advance strategic institutional teaching and learning priorities. Leaders in Residence are scholars and educators from across the academy who leverage their expertise, experience, and passion to build vibrant teaching and learning cultures. These educational leaders consult and collaborate with others across the university to lead innovative projects, in areas such as online and blended learning, graduate supervision and mentorship, academic integrity, Indigenous pedagogies and assessment of learning through partnerships with Vice-Provosts and the Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning. 

Learning Technologies

Learning technologies are critical for supporting high quality teaching and learning, pedagogical innovation and blended and online learning. The Learning Technologies Advisory Committee (LTAC) was formed in the fall of 2019 to ensure platforms for teaching and learning, and campus learning technologies, support high quality teaching and learning and innovative teaching at the University of Calgary. The committee is guided by the terms of reference and three key themed working groups: Communication & Support; Learning Technology Processes; and Inventory.

  1. Tom Keenan

    School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape

  2. Paulino Preciado Babb

    Werklund School of Education 

  3. John Holash

    Faculty of Kinesiology

  4. Nicole Wyatt

    Faculty of Arts

  5. Ilyan Ferrer

    Faculty of Social Work 

  6. Ron Hugo

    Schulich School of Engineering 

  7. Lisa Silver

    Faculty of Law

  8. Dave Anderson

    Cumming School of Medicine

  9. D'Arcy Norman

    Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning

  10. Patti Dyjur

    Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning 

  11. Patrick Kelly

    Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning 

  12. Cam Welsh

    Haskayne School of Business

  13. Sean Stotyn

    Faculty of Science

  14. Ruth Swart

    Faculty of Nursing

  15. Amy Warren

    Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

  16. Marielena Nunez

    Continuing Education

  17. Mohamed Abdelsamie

    Graduate Student's Association

  18. Kevin Dang

    Students' Union 

  19. Susan Powelson

    Libraries and Cultural Resources

  20. Tom Durnin

    Information Technologies

  21. Darren Balchin

    Information Technologies

  22. Geoff Crowe

    Information Technologies

  23. Don Ross

    Information Technologies

  24. Vanessa Wood

    Office of the Registrar

  25. Leslie Reid

    Vice-Provost, Teaching and Learning 

  26. Natasha Kenny

    Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning