Sponsor fees

The sponsor fees for a program team of 4-6 patient learners is $45,000.

The program fee includes:

Academic Management

  • Curriculum Quality Assurance with a Professional Development certificate awarded by the University of Calgary 
  • Recruitment and Management of qualified and experienced Instructors   
  • Program support and coordination between Sponsor, Sponsor Liaisons, Team Supports, and learners 
  • Course Based Ethics oversight with approvals through the University of Calgary Ethics Board 

Operational Management

  • Management of the program, including stakeholder engagement, financial management, operational management, student escalation/concerns and issues mitigation 
  • Program coordination, including creating the courses in student information system, associated learning management system course shells, preparing the courses for delivery and supporting operations throughout the program 
  • Student support, including registration, student issues, technology support, team support and course logistics 


Recruiting Efforts

  • Co-host webinar or in-person information session for PaCER proposed teams 
  • Customized recruitment information materials 

Registrarial and Student Services

  • Dedicated staff to assist learners with university and program questions 
  • Process and governance approval of PaCER certificate 
  • Provision of transcript and certificate to graduates 

Final Deliverables

  • PaCER students create and preset a final research report and presentation 

team collaborating

Sponsor a PaCER team

Sponsors contribute to the continued inclusion of the patient perspective in health research and the health care system

If you are interested in sponsoring a PaCER team please apply using the link below.