March 12, 2021

UCalgary in Qatar creates a moving tribute to nurses worldwide

Honoring Our Heroes video salutes leaders, experts, and compassionate health-care providers

“Hope is our brightest star. We vow to hold your hand through the thick of it all. Our wisdom will help us rise. Knowledge as our guiding light. When we lose our way, when we lose our hope, our strength can bring us back. So take my hand …”

These are just a few of the powerful words in a heartfelt tribute to nurses revealed by the University of Calgary in Qatar (UCQ).

As leaders, experts, and compassionate health-care providers, nurses work tirelessly on the front lines for the well-being of our communities. The Honoring our Heroes video campaign was officially launched on Qatar National Television’s Social Distancing program last week.

The anthem and video were produced in Qatar using a selection of world-class partners and local talent. The video highlights the integral role that nurses play in our health-care systems. The campaign was UCQ’s way of saying thank you to nurses worldwide for all of their hard work.