Aug. 18, 2023

TrymGym program becomes HealthyU, with renewed focus on comprehensive wellness

Rebranding set for September launch, honouring TrymGym’s past while prioritizing HealthyU’s personal definitions of health

The University of Calgary is thrilled to unveil the rebranding of TrymGym, a renowned fitness program that has been a fixture in the Active Living community for more than five decades. In September, the program will be known as HealthyU, aligning with Active Living’s commitment to promoting a comprehensive approach to health and fitness.

TrymGym’s legacy

TrymGym/HealthyU has been a staple to the Active Living community since its inception in 1972. It has served as a transformative eight-week program, empowering individuals to adopt healthier lifestyles, build confidence in the gym and forge meaningful connections with like-minded people.

TrymGym participant working out with trainer.

TrymGym/HealthyU participants with trainer during a group fitness class


Fifty-one years ago, the program was considered revolutionary as it was the first of its kind to combine workouts with nutrition. A strong partnership developed between the program and the primary-care network, with doctors often referring patients to TrymGym.

Over the years, TrymGym has welcomed people of all ages and fitness levels, with many dedicated participants returning year after year. These fitness-goers have witnessed the program’s evolution from a weight-loss-oriented program to an overall health-focused program.

“The workouts are challenging, but the instructors encourage everyone to work at their own personal best, which in any one class is quite varied,” says TrymGym participant Dr. Clare Dupuis, BA’91, MSc’96, PhD’03.

“It’s a safe and comfortable environment for someone of any age to begin their journey back to health, or, for those who are already fit, to maintain that level and push themselves a bit more.”

A bright future for HealthyU

Originally, the primary-care network referred patients to TrymGym for weight loss, yet over the years, the program has changed its outlook to promote healthier goals. As it continues under its new name, HealthyU views fitness goals holistically, focusing on movement, strength, a balanced diet and creating individual definitions of health.

“The main thing with the rebrand is … the name itself doesn't really describe the program anymore,” says Rachel Hall, BKin’14, UCalgary’s Active Living personal and group fitness co-ordinator. “The understanding of a definition of health is so different and particularly being a university program, we need to keep up with the research that is current.”

In the eight-week program, participants receive an initial one-on-one assessment, two group classes per week, two nutrition presentations from a registered dietician and a free UCalgary gym membership for the duration of the program. Additionally, there is an option to sign up for followup group-training classes.

TrymGym/HealthyU participant with trainer during a group fitness class.

TrymGym/HealthyU participant with trainer during a group fitness class.


Experienced trainers tailor each class to the unique needs of the participants, fostering a sense of community and providing unwavering support toward achieving their fitness objectives. Staying at the forefront of fitness research, these professionals have contributed to shaping HealthyU into the comprehensive wellness program it represents today.

“Because the program has always been the same name for (many years), I think it's really exciting for it to have a new name and a new identity, and I think it's going to be a more reflective way to share what we have to offer,” says Tiffany Tse, BKin’19, a trainer with HealthyU.

With the rebranding, HealthyU will continue its legacy of empowering individuals, providing them with the tools and guidance needed to embark on a journey of lifelong health and well-being.

HealthyU’s fall session registration is currently open. Register for HealthyU.

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