March 30, 2023

Professor participates on expert panel on public safety in the digital age

Led by the Council of Canadian Academies, the final report was issues on March 30.

Under the guidance of its Scientific Advisory Committee, Board of Directors, and founding Academies, the CCA assembled the Expert Panel on Public Safety in the Digital Age to undertake this project. Each individual was selected for their expertise, experience, and demonstrated leadership in fields relevant to this project. Professor Emily Laidlaw was one of 13 experts chosen to be on the panel. 

Vulnerable Connections examines how harmful and illegal activities have evolved as a result of digital technologies, ensuing challenges this causes for policymakers and law enforcement, and possible opportunities in regulation, prevention, and investigation of cyber-enabled harm. The report illustrates both the complexity and the urgency of these issues and demonstrates that promoting a safer online ecosystem can not be accomplished through the actions of a single public agency, be it provincial, federal, or foreign. Cooperation and coordination across jurisdictions are essential as cyber-enabled harm crosses borders and continues to evolve quickly. Additionally, solutions do not lie solely in the hands of governments; the private sector, including social media platforms, have a critical role to play, as do civil societies.

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