March 25, 2021

Neurodiversity Support at UCalgary

Did you know that April is world autism awareness month, and April 2 is world autism awareness and acceptance day?
Campus NSA

This annual event provides an excellent opportunity to shine a light on autism spectrum disorder in particular, and neurodiversity more generally. Neurodiversity refers to neurological differences among people, and autism spectrum disorder is one such example of a neurological difference.

One of Student Wellness Services’ (SWS) newest positions is our neurodiversity support advisor (NSA). We’re happy to have Kirstin Kot, RSW, MSW, taking on this important position. Kot’s role involves providing neurodiversity support in the form of wellness support for autistic students, and for those students who are exploring their identity around neurodiversity and autism.

Some of the ways our NSA supports neurodiverse students include helping to:

  • find positive ways to cope
  • improve personal functioning
  • navigate on- and off-campus resources
  • provide supportive check-ins (as needed)

This free service is easy to access – simply email the NSA and request to book an appointment. To learn more about our NSA and to find their contact details, visit