March 16, 2020

Italian and Spanish Career Fair

Over 300 students attend to learn more about Italian and Spanish programs at the University of Calgary
Spanish and Italian Career Fair 2019
Spanish and Italian Career Fair 2019 Colourbox

The Italian and Spanish Career Fair was held for the second time in the past four years at the University of Calgary’s Rozsca Centre from 10 am - 3 pm on Wednesday, November 19, 2019.

The goal was to engage students in various sessions that highlighted how they could use their Spanish or Italian in a variety of possible careers. Over 300 Grade 9-12 students from local schools attended the Fair along with University of Calgary students.

The day started with an interactive session by Dr. Mary O’Brien and her graduate research assistants on the impact of second language learning. Several undergraduate student volunteers (Spanish majors studying Education and Italian majors) led tours of the university campus in Spanish. Graduate assistants in Applied Linguists also assisted with the event.

Popular sessions for students of Spanish included one on the immersion experiences of University of Calgary undergraduate students and another on indigenous politics in Latin America by Dr. Roberta Rice of the University of Calgary. Other popular sessions included contributions from community members including a session on theatre by Claudia Velasco, Director of Teatro Gato Negro (Theatre Black Cat) and a session on work in the nonprofit arena by Milton Ortega, Director of Program for the Calgary Bridge Foundation for Youth.

Students of Italian particularly enjoyed Dr. Francesca Cadel’s presentation on the Perugia Group Study Program, Jessica Mettimano’s presentation in which she shared her experiences as a student of Italian at the University of Calgary, and Dr. Antonella Fanella’s contribution with a session on the history of the Italian community in Alberta.

Teachers commented that students most enjoyed the campus tours and a session on advanced Spanish courses at the University of C which included a demonstration of medieval instruments along with instruction on useful phrases in Spanish to describe the instruments. Teachers of Italian appreciated the chance to listen and ask questions with Dr. Simona Fimiani, the Education Officer of the Italian Consulate in Vancouver.