Laboratory of Interfacial Science and Advanced Materials (LISAM)


Welcome to the Laboratory of Interfacial Science and Advanced Materials (LISAM)! Our mission is to develop advanced tools and materials applicable in industrial processes and biomedical engineering, guided by the fundamental understanding of the interfacial and surface interaction mechanisms underlying complex systems.

LISAM Lab Logo Sunshine
  • Sustainable energy 
    • Solid-state energy storage system
    • Nature energy and resources recovery from solar, wastewater, friction.
  • Environmental engineering
    • Wastewater remediation
    • CO2 capture and reduction
  • Advanced materials
    • Biomimetic and natural materials 
    • 2D materials 
    • Hydrogels/aerogels/hybrid/composite materials 
    • Electrospun nanofibers
    • 3D printed materials 
  • Interfacial science
    • Colloidal particles at fluid interfaces
    • Surface and interfacial phenomena in industrial process
    • Interactions in composite functional materials 
  • Biomedical engineering