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Geothermal Energy Laboratory

Vision: Geothermal Anywhere” through improved exploration, drilling efficiency, well layouts, reservoir management, surface facilities, energy conversion, heat re-use, and close collaboration and buy-in from the community.

Geothermal Energy Research

Geothermal energy is heralded as a significant green energy source globally and has been identified as a potentially accessible source in western Canada.  Challenges associated with the economic development of geothermal currently include high costs of geothermal wells, poor thermal efficiency of carrier fluids, depths of appropriate geothermal reservoirs and an incomplete understanding of the thermal flows within reservoirs.  Sustainability and social acceptance of geothermal development is also key to ensure widespread adoption.

The Geothermal Energy Lab is a multidisciplinary collaboration between members of the Departments of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering and Civil Engineering in the Schulich School of Engineering, the Department of Geoscience in the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Law.

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Research Focus Areas

GEL research spans the development cycle of geothermal energy, from exploration geology to facilities to regulation and social acceptance.


Research Team

The academic research team consists of researchers from Engineering, Sciences and Law.


Industry Partnerships

Joint research projects with industry partners are supported through matching contributions from the provincial and federal governments.

GEL Lab Members

End of Summer Workshop

This summer was a busy time for the members of the Geothermal Energy Lab with the launch of the project with Eavor Technologies.  Students and researchers gatherd on August 25th, 2021 for a series of end-of-summer presentations and for the onboarding of new student members.

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Virtual Launch Workshop

On Tuesday, May 11th, the Geothermal Energy Laboratory hosted a virtual Launch Workshop where we presented our vision and capabilities.  If you want to learn more about what was discussed, please reach out to a member of the research team and we would be happy to have a discussion.

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In the News ...

Interview with Dr. Roman Shor

Dr. Shor participates in an interview with Markham Hislop of Energi Media regarding the new Geothermal Energy Lab at the University of Calgary.

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‘Energy of the future’ finds new home at University of Calgary

In an article from the Schulich School of Engineering, Joe McFarland discusses the new Geothermal Energy Lab and its vision.

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