UCalgary Ingenuity Competition

UCalgary Ingenuity Pitch Competition

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Inventures is the must-attend conference that brings together entrepreneurs, investors, and innovators from various industries to share knowledge, network, and explore new business opportunities. The conference provides a platform for participants to showcase their products, meet investors, and gain exposure. It also features keynote speeches, panel discussions, and workshops by industry experts.  

The conference provides an opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs and innovators to gain valuable insights, connect with investors, and showcase their products, while also facilitating the growth of the innovation ecosystem in Canada.

This year, participants in our Ascent program will be competing in the UCalgary Ingenuity Pitch Competition during the conference. These individuals have spent months working hard to refine their ideas, business plans, and pitches. Sponsored by TC Energy, the competition offers a $50,000 prize pool to help these startups scale and grow.


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