Ucluelet Beach

A Capable Geo- and Thermochronology Lab

Commissioned in 2014, our facility is ideal for studying many earth processes

Instrumentation and Techniques

Instrumentation and Facilities

Overview of the instrumentation and facilities we have.

Instrumentation and Facilities

Fission Track Dating

A low-temperature thermochronometer involving the spontaneous fission of 238U. Can be applied to crystalline rocks and detrital grains. For detrital grains it can be combined with U-Pb techniques to learn more about the source area.

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U-Th-Sm/He Dating

A low-temperature thermochronometer based on the accumulation of He in the crystal lattice through alpha-particle decay. We apply this to apatite and zircon using conventional whole grain and new laser-ablation methods.

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U-Pb Dating

A geochronometer based on the decay of U to Pb. We currently use the technique to date zircon and apatite from both crystalline rocks and as detrital grains from sedimentary rocks.

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Trace and Major Element Mapping

Two- and three-dimensional characterisation of major and trace elemental abundances in a variety of minerals. Often used to understand mineral petrogenesis.

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