Explore Co-op and Internship Opportunities

Want hands-on learning? Co-op and internship programs provide valuable work experience during your degree. They're administered through individual faculties across campus. These programs are available through various faculties across campus.

Benefits of participating in a co-op or internship program: 

  1. Practical application: Put knowledge into action in real work environments 
  2. Skill development: Gain new skills and refine existing ones through work experiences.
  3. Networking opportunities: Build a professional network and establish connections within industry which can open future doors to job opportunities 
  4. Industry insights: Gain firsthand industry knowledge about your field, its trends, and best practices, providing a competitive edge when pursuing future career opportunities 
  5. Resume enhancement: Add co-op/internship experiences to a resume, demonstrating to employers practical abilities and dedication to professional growth 

Internships for graduate students

Discover the value of participating in an internship specifically designed for graduate students. Not all internships are the same and they do not all have the same levels of skills. Explore the difference between a skills internship, a research internship and a program-required internship (such as a practicum).

Gain a competitive edge by participating in Transformative Talent Internships, where students experience meaningful career opportunities that are available. Internships highlight the tremendous value that graduate students can bring to the table, demonstrating the importance of advanced expertise and specialized knowledge.

Realize potential and tap into a world of possibilities through transformative internships. Embrace the opportunity to showcase knowledge, talent, gain invaluable experience, and make a lasting impact.

Student testimonial

Tasha Taylor, MPP Master of Public Policy provides a testimony of her experience

Gain real-world experience: accelerate your career with co-op/internship

Participating in a co-op or internship program, provides a unique opportunity to gain invaluable real-world experience that can accelerate your career forward. Co-opinternships offer hands-on learning in professional settings, allowing participants to apply exisiting knowledge and skills gained during studies.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to accelerate professional development and increase chances for future success.

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