Personal Training

Beast Mode

“Beast Mode Fitness" is an exercise program for male and female teens/young adults with autism who want to learn how to become more physically active in their lives. The program seeks to provide motivated individuals with the opportunity to learn about personal fitness, health and well-being by building self-confidence through goal development and achievement. 
Beast Mode is a 12 week program offered in a private gym here on the U of C campus. The first session consists of a standard fitness assessment to determine baseline fitness levels. We also discuss goal setting. Based on your experience and goals, the head trainer will design a safe and effective, 12 week training plan to meet your needs - focused on strength development, aerobic conditioning, as well as flexibility and balance. The program is monitored and progressed based on feedback each session.
Each session will be lead by a U of C certified trainer with assistance from volunteers provided from the University through Better Impact. Although a ratio of 1-to-1 is our goal, ratios will be subject to volunteer numbers.
Classes for 18yr + and 17yr and younger

CTEP Body Comp 2023

Follow Up HealthyU

Continue to stay active following the Initial program.  These effective, small group training sessions are designed to continue where you left off, promoting lifelong physical activity. 

Initial HealthyU

HealthyU… Join your active community! 
Get started with HealthyU! Whether you're looking to learn more about fitness and nutrition, to rebuild your routine, or for a community of people to workout with, HealthyU is for you.
Complete the Initial HealthyU program to: 
Find out your fitness baseline through an initial assessment 
Learn more about nutrition for every day health 
Become more confident in the gym through Personal Trainer lead fitness classes 
Create a fitness routine with your HealthyU community! 

Initial assessment will be scheduled with one of your coaches prior to or during the first week of each session
**Assessments not yet booked and completed by the first week of classes will be forfeited**

Learn To Lift

Learn lifting technique, proper form, injury prevention, and more in a small-group workshop! With a limited number of people in class, our certified personal trainer will guide you through the basics of lifting by focusing on technique, form and safety. Expect instruction on the core lifts, including squats, deadlifts, lunges, bench press, overhead press and rows while using barbells, dumbbells, and other equipment. 
Each session is 60 minutes in length and includes direction from one of our certified personal trainers.  
All U of C Personal Fitness Trainers have a nationally recognized personal training certification. Our team of professionals participate in ongoing training to ensure you are getting the most current information and training principles. 
*Intake forms and waivers MUST be completed prior to starting class 
**There will be 4 sessions that will take place in the Fitness Centre - Trainer will provide details 


Work on lifting technique, proper form, injury prevention, and more in this specialized class! Our certified personal trainer will guide you through technique, variations and progressions of lifting. Expect instruction on the core lifts, including squats, deadlifts, lunges, bench press, overhead press and rows while using barbells, dumbbells, and other equipment. Learn compound complex movements to help bring your lifting days to the next level. 
This workshop is for intermediate lifters looking to improve their technique and try new progressions in a safe, trainer-led environment.   
Tues option for STAFF ONLY
Thurs option for EVERYONE

One-On-One Personal Training

Our highly qualified Personal Trainers will provide expert guidance to help you achieve the results you want! Whether your goal is to improve your fitness, rehab from an injury, manage a chronic condition, or train for your specific sport, we're here to help!

Semi Private Training-Kinetix

Semi Private Personal training at Kinetix (Foothills Hospital)
Contact for more information

Semi-Private Training - Main Campus

Bring a friend and train together! Intake forms and waivers MUST be completed prior to starting
Options for groups of 2, 3 or 4 plus a trainer.
Contact for more details 

Student Discovery Series

Did you ever want to get active but weren't sure where to start?  In the Student Discovery Series, we have something for all tastes!  In this series, students can try a new activity, learn new skills, meet new people, and of course, HAVE FUN!  With a different activity each class, there's something for everyone.

Your journey to a more adventurous, active, and outgoing you starts here.

Train for

The “train for” series is a personal trainer led program focusing on building strength, endurance, stability and mobility for specific activities.
Programs run between 4 to 8 sessions for one hour and are open to students, staff and the general public.

Fitness Assessment

A Fitness Assessment is the foundation to any successful fitness journey.
it is also a useful and essential tool for monitoring and tracking your goals and progress.
Assessments include an analysis of body composition, musculo-skeletal and functional movement, flexibility and cardiovascular components of fitness.
Contact for more information

Personal Training KINETIX

Whatever your experience, age, and fitness level, Kinetix personal health and fitness services will help you achieve all of your health and fitness goals. All of Kinetix personal trainers have completed a Kinesiology degree program, as well as carry a nationally recognized fitness certification from the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology.

** Kinetix is located is located on the first floor of the Teaching Research and Wellness building on the Foothills Medical Centre site.

FREE Gym Orientation

Never been to the fitness center but want to see what it’s all about, or thinking about beginning an exercise program but don’t know where to start?
Come to our FREE gym orientation for students and we will help you get on track! A highly qualified Personal Trainer will guide you through the gym and teach you how to use various machines, and demonstrate some common exercises. We will also give you guidelines on how to design a workout of your own.

*For U of C Sudents only
*Meet at the front desk outside the fitness center