Personal Training

One-On-One Personal Training

Our highly qualified Personal Trainers will provide expert guidance to help you achieve the results you want! Whether your goal is to improve your fitness, rehab from an injury, manage a chronic condition, or train for your specific sport, we're here to help!

Personal Training - New Clients

What sets us apart from most gym personal training experiences is our high level of academic expertise and practical background.  UofC Personal Trainers possess a degree in Kinesiology -  in addition to an internationally recognized designation/certification.  We ensure you will receive a highly personalized training experience designed to help you acheive your health and fitness goals.  We want to inspire an Active Living lifestyle!

For more information please email or to register call Active Living Client Services (403) 220-7749.

Personal Training - Renewing Clients

Continue the progress you've made with your trainer to date!

Fitness Assessment

A Fitness Assessment is the foundation to any successful fitness journey.
it is also a useful and essential tool for monitoring and tracking your goals and progress.
Assessments include an analysis of body composition, musculo-skeletal and functional movement, flexibility and cardiovascular components of fitness.

Personal Training - Buddy Training

*Exercise partners must be from the same household.
Work toward your fitness goals with a partner! Supporting each other will not only make the sessions more fun and motivating, but it's more economical. You'll achieve the same results as you would with one-on-one training, for nearly half the price.

Occupational Fitness Training

Preparing to apply for a job in the law enforcement or public service? This package includes an initial fitness assessment, followed by three one-on-one training sessions specifically geared toward the APREP and PARE tests. With the APREP and PARE equipment available, we will work on improving your fitness level, all the while becoming familiar with the components of these occupational tests.

This package also includes a one month membership to the U of C fitness center.

Private Group Training

Get motivated and get results with the help of a personal trainer and a small group with similar goals. Experience the variety, constant supervision and support associated with Personal Training along with the added benefit of social interaction.

Prior to group training, your trainer will meet with you for a one-on-one session to ensure that they help you reach your personal goals. We will work with you to determine a time and day of the week that works for your whole group where you can train in one of our private training studios.

All U of C Personal Fitness Trainers have, at minimum, a degree in Kinesiology and a nationally recognized personal training certification. Our team of professionals participate in ongoing training to ensure you are getting the most current information and leading edge-training principles.

Youth Fitness Training

Looking for personalized training for youth 11-18 years? We offer programs for beginners, with no previous gym experience, and for developing the young athlete through sport-specific testing and fundamental movement skills.

Personal Training KINETIX

Whatever your experience, age, and fitness level, Kinetix personal health and fitness services will help you achieve all of your health and fitness goals. All of Kinetix personal trainers have completed a Kinesiology degree program, as well as carry a nationally recognized fitness certification from the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology.

** Kinetix is located is located on the first floor of the Teaching Research and Wellness building on the Foothills Medical Centre site.

FREE Gym Orientation

Never been to the fitness center but want to see what it’s all about, or thinking about beginning an exercise program but don’t know where to start?
Come to our FREE gym orientation for students and we will help you get on track! A highly qualified Personal Trainer will guide you through the gym and teach you how to use various machines, and demonstrate some common exercises. We will also give you guidelines on how to design a workout of your own.

*For U of C Sudents only
*Meet at the front desk outside the fitness center

Olympic Lifting Clinics

Perfect your form and technique with these sessions with a NCCP Certified Olympic Weight Lifting Specialist.