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Great opportunity for kinesiology undergraduate students

Fall and winter Markin Undergraduate Student Research Program studentships and Graeme Bell travel awards deadline Sept. 15

The power of play

Staying active is good for us — right? UCalgary researchers explore the benefits of sport that go beyond the physical, from social wellness to learning life skills

Life after the Olympics

After years of pursuing athletic dreams, what are the options when the days of training and competitions are over? Two Olympians share their stories

Dinos wrestling alum Erica Wiebe powers to Olympic gold in Rio

Impressive string of wins by 'workhorse' sets off celebration in Brazil and on University of Calgary campus

Leading the race in running injury treatment

Story behind the birth of 3D GAIT system at the University of Calgary and how it's helping with injury treatment and prevention

Playground 'pick me up' helps Calgary children get active

Faculty of Kinesiology celebrates the University of Calgary’s 50th Anniversary with the Gift of Play to the community on Sept. 10

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