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Gilmore Junio makes it to the finals of CBC's Most influential Canadian! 

* Update!  Kinesiology undergraduate, and Sochi Olympic hero Gilmore Junio has advanced to the finals of CBC Sports Most Influential Figure in sports for 2014!Junio advanced to the semi finals after an opening round victory over all-star Montreal Canadiens defenseman PK Subban, and Olympic bobsleigh hero Kallie Humphries. He is now facing off against (terrific) Toronto Raptors GM, Masai Ujiri. But Junio was one of the (terrific) stories to come out of the 2014 Olympics in Sochi when he surrendered his spot in the 1000M race to his close friend and teammate Denny Morrison. Morrison would go on to skate to a silver medal but it was Junio who received much of the praise for his selfless act - truly representing the spirit of the games.

Gilmore is currently competing overseas, preparing for this weekend's World Cup event in Heerenveen, Netherlands. He is a University of Calgary Kinesiology student, Oval trained athlete, 2014 Olympian and away from the rink is even a Calgary United Way Ambassador.To #VoteGilmore simply go to the CBC SPORTS site ( ) and vote using either your Twitter or Facebook account! HURRY Voting ends soon!

Dinos’ Andrew Buckley wins Hec Crighton Trophy AND Russ Jackson Award! 

Fourth-year Kinesiology  University of Calgary quarterback Andrew Buckley made history Thursday night, becoming the first player to win both the Hec Crighton Trophy and the Russ Jackson Award.

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IOC recognizes University of Calgary Sports Injury Research Prevention Centre

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) announced Wednesday that the Faculty of Kinesiology’s Sport Injury Prevention Research Centre (SIPRC), was awarded status as an IOC injury prevention research centre until 2019.

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Dean's Doctoral Studentship Program

2015 Faculty of Kinesiology Doctoral Studentship Program. 11 new four-year doctoral awards!

Kinesiology has 11 new doctoral studentships in the areas of Health, Exercise and Sport Psychology, Biomechanics, Sport Injury Epidemiology, Health and Exercise Physiology and Nutrition, Metabolism and Genetics.

Scholarships are up to four years of funding: $20,000/year for Canadian students and $25,000/year for international students.

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MacIntosh and Doyle-Baker honoured with awards.

Congratulations are in order for two members of our Exercise and Health Physiology Faculty, who were honoured with prestigious awards over the last few weeks.

Brian MacIntosh (PhD) was named as the recipient of the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiologists (CSEP) Honour Award for 2014, at the Society’s annual meeting in St. John’s on October 25. 

Tish Doyle-Baker (Dr. PH) was recognized with the Dr. Bako award honouring an  individual who has made outstanding contributions to the Health and Fitness program and Provincial Fitness Unit of Alberta. 

Killam scholar Kelsey Collins takes "wide lens" to the problem of arthritis.  

Kelsey Collins, a PhD candidate in Walter Herzog's lab, explores how inflammation associated with obesity may contribute to osteoarthritis. Collins was recently announced as the winner of a prestigious Killam Pre-Doctoral Scholarship.  Collins’ project looks to better understand “subgroups” within the larger group of people who suffer from arthritis. “Reading the body of literature in arthritis, it became very apparent to me that obesity was, by far, one of the biggest risk factors and, by far, one of the most poorly understood, especially from a mechanical standpoint,” she says. “I just got really curious: What's going on with these obese patients? How can we create models to understand what's going on with them?" 

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Walking on the moon

As it turns out, Sting was wrong, "Giant Steps" are in fact, not needed to walk on the moon. New research on locomoting in moon gravity, by KNES researcher Brent Edwards (PhD) shows you can walk and maybe even run on the moon. Find out more about why the researchers were examining "moon walking"with NASA, and how they tested moon gravity, without leaving the planet. 

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Chris Newell awarded Mitochondrial Disease scholarship.

Chris Newell, a PhD student in Kinesiology researcher Jane Shearer's (PhD) lab, was awarded the first Mitochondrial Disease PhD Scholarship funded by the MitoCanada foundation and is the only recipient for 2014.

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