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Come skate with Gilmore Junio!  

On October 31, at noon, The Faculty of Kinesiology is hosting a fantastic fundraiser for the United Way, on the World's Fastest Ice, in the Olympic Oval. We're trying to raise $5,000 for the United Way. Your minimum $10 donation to the United Way gets you  pizza lunch from Papa Johns, Halloween treats and your entry into the mass race on the Oval ice with Olympic hero, Gilmore Junio. You can skate, run or walk around the Oval to complete your laps.

We hope you'll raise pledges for the United Way for every lap you complete, or support other skaters by making a pledge on their behalf.  Don't forget most kids are off school Oct. 31, so bring them in for some fun exercise, before they head out collecting candy. Safety comes first at the Oval, so bring your helmet, if you plan on skating!  

There are a limited number of tickets available so get yours soon. You can buy them at the Oval front desk and at the Fitness Centre desk, in the Kinesiology complex. 

Hundreds attend popular Human Performance Lab open house

Around 600 sports science and sports medicine high school students, shepherded by 30 teachers, jammed into the HPL on Wednesday, taking in a variety of fun displays and hands-on demonstrations, ranging from molecular and cellular imaging of musculoskeletal tissues, to whole human movement analysis, to force platforms, pressure measurement systems, and instrumented sports equipment (e.g. cross-country skis). The high school open house, which ran from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., was followed by a public open house which saw over 250 visitors visiting the lab and taking in some standing-room-only lectures from HPL researchers Raylene Reimer, PhD, and Nicole Culos-Reed, PhD, on Nutrition Myths and Exercise as Medicine.

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Walking on the moon

As it turns out, Sting was wrong, "Giant Steps" are in fact, not needed to walk on the moon. New research on locomoting in moon gravity, by KNES researcher Brent Edwards (PhD) shows you can walk and maybe even run on the moon. Find out more about why the researchers were examining "moon walking"with NASA, and how they tested moon gravity, without leaving the planet. 

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New Kinesiology study focuses on exercise as a way to feel better and reduce stress. Can exercise really make you happier? A new study by the University of Calgary, Faculty of Kinesiology is hoping to add to the growing body of literature that shows physical active may also improve your mental state along with your health. We need 100 first year students to take part in the study, you could receive a Garmin Vivo Fit wrist band! 

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Chris Newell awarded Mitochondrial Disease scholarship.

Chris Newell, a PhD student in Kinesiology researcher Jane Shearer's (PhD) lab, was awarded the first Mitochondrial Disease PhD Scholarship funded by the MitoCanada foundation and is the only recipient for 2014.

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