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Researchers press snooze on sleep myth

Stockpiling sleep can actually improve performance, which could be a boon to the chronically sleep deprived

Application process streamlined for undergrad research awards

Launch of new online system simplifies how students apply for four main award opportunities

Dr. Reed Ferber and team announce new software in running injury technology

Director of Running Injury Clinic develops affordable system to analyze running-related injuries accurately

All Bachelor of Education students required to take first-in-Canada course on wellness starting 2018

New Werklund School course was created in collaboration with the Faculty of Kinesiology and Ever Active Schools

Celiac disease takes centre stage in new exercise study

A study aimed at helping more than 110,000 Canadians living with celiac disease has been given a boost thanks to a Seed Grant from the Faculty of Kinesiology

Study aims to improve early detection of osteoarthritis after knee injury

Kinesiology Adjunct Professor Janet Ronsky develops non-invasive technique to spot subtle changes in cartilage function

New research shows how seizures can cause stroke-like events

Hotchkiss Brain Institute scientists identify mechanism for brain dysfunction following seizures, and a drug that prevents this impairment

Rio 2016 wrestling Olympians visit campus to celebrate their achievements

Erica Wiebe and Jasmine Mian recognized for their dedication and perseverance

Participation surpasses 10,000 for Energizing Eyes High Consultation

President Cannon thanks university for thoughtful, extensive input

Undergrad research journal gives students an opportunity to publish first paper

Deadline to submit manuscripts is Dec. 31

Earning a master's degree like winning an Olympic gold medal

Research passion gives women's hockey star a fresh set of goals

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