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Researchers look at impact of exercise on caregivers of cancer patients

Researchers from Kinesiology's Health and Wellness Lab are examining how a structured exercise program can impact physical and emotional health for those responsible for tending to the needs of a family member or other loved one diagnosed with cancer.

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Kathryn Schneider

Concussion researcher Kathryn Schneider earns prestigious award

Kathryn Schneider was recognized with an American Vestibular Disorders Association Champion of Vestibular Medicine Award. Her research, published in the British Journal of Sport Medicine, showed that concussion treatment that combines therapy of the neck and balance system is four times more likely to lead to faster medical clearance.

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Preventing Sports Injury

Getting ahead of the game to prevent injury in youth sport and recreation

Carolyn Emery and colleague Brent Hagel have been nominated PEAK scholars for their work in Injury prevention in youth sport and recreation. The researchers’ key objective is to reduce the risk by 20 per cent by 2020.

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Andrew Buckley touches down at Rideau Hall

Andrew Buckley touches down at Rideau Hall

Dinos quarterback and kinesiology student honoured by Governor General as one
of the Top Eight Academic All-Canadians.

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Wilma Shim and Lauren Capozzi

Two Top 40 Under 40

Congratulations to two of our alumni – Wilma Shim and Lauren Capozzi for being chosen as two of Calgary’s 2015 Top 40 Under 40.

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Killam Celebration

2015 Killam Celebration

Dr. Walter Herzog was renewed as the Killam Memorial Chair. Dr. Tannin Schmidt received the Killam Emerging Research Leader Award, NSERC. Congratulations to our two Faculty members.

First Year Killam Scholarships were awarded to; Hendrick Enders, supervised by Dr. Benno Nigg and Dr. Walter Herzog; Matthew Jordan, supervised by Dr. Walter Herzog; Krysta Powers; supervised by Dr. Walter Herzog.

Second-Year Killam Scholarships were awarded to; Marc Bomhof; supervised by Dr. Raylene Reimer, Kelsey Collins; supervised by Dr. Walter Herzog, Colleen Cuthbert; co-supervised by Dr. Nicole Culos-Reed.  Dr. Geoff Power, Killam Postdoctoral Laureate; supervised by Dr. Walter Herzog

Congratulations to all our Graduate students!

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University of Calgary gymnast Kevin Lytwyn, competes for Canada in PanAm Games.

Kevin Lytwyn who calls the Kinesiology's Gymnastics Centre home, is one of just five male artistic gymnasts on Canada’s 2015 Pan-Am team, the games take place from July 10 to 26. Lytwyn is a five-time world champion team member, who competed at both the Pacific Rim Championships and the Commonwealth Games last year. He is originally from Stoney Creek, Ont., but has been training at the University of Calgary for the past three years under head coach Jason Woodnick and national team director Tony Smith.  “The gymnastics facility here is one of the best in Canada and coaching staff is top-notch,” says Lytwyn, who was an alternate for Canada’s London Olympic team in 2012. “The University of Calgary has been really great for me.”

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Pilot study taking cancer rehab to the community.

A new provincial partnership will explore ways of improving the health and fitness of cancer survivors through a first-of-its-kind, community-based, exercise program.  80 cancer survivors in Calgary and Edmonton are taking part in specialized exercise and personal training classes to determine the benefits and feasibility of offering programs like this across Alberta. The program is called Alberta Cancer Exercise, or ACE, a partnership between the University of Alberta, University of Calgary, Alberta Health Services and the YMCA.

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New Kinesiology / Physical Education alumni publication.

The new issue of the University of Calgary Alumni Magazine features an insert from Kinesiology, featuring alumni profiles, and some research and faculty news. If you haven't seen a copy yet, you can always read the publication on-line:

Gosling Mania hits Kinesiology's Outdoor Centre

The University of Calgary Outdoor Centre, is part of the Faculty of Kinesiology, one of our outreach programs, designed to help lead people to active, healthy living. This week our caring staff at the Outdoor Centre made international news when they tried to lead a family of stranded baby geese to a softer landing on climbing crash pads they set up under the roof. See the video that has made international news in England and Europe, American network news and the CBC! It may be the cutest video you watch today!

CBC did a great job of editing the footage too -…/goslings-safely-jump-off-roof-to-mats-s…

Congratulations to Kelly Anne Erdman!

Kelly Anne, a nutrition counsellor with the University of Calgary Sport Medicine Centre, a nutritionist with the Canadian Sport Institute and a teacher with the National Coaches Institute was awarded the 2015 Dietitians of Canada Ryley Jeffs Memorial Lecture Award. 

Thie award, which will be presented to Erdman at the Dietitians of Canada annual conference in Quebec City, June 6, is given to an individual who has demonstrated "the ideals of dedication to the profession and has a proven ability to chart new directions in the field of dietetics."

You can read more about Erdman's award on the Canadian Sport Institute website:

Got knee pain? We've got orthotics! 

We're Looking for people with knee arthritis to test orthotics. We want to know if properly fitted orthotics will reduce knee pain for people with knee arthritis. You’ll be provided with free orthotics matched to your individual biomechanics. If you’ve been diagnosed with knee osteoarthritis, age 40-85, and have had a knee x-ray in the past two years, you may be a great fit for our study. email: ... find out more

Globe & Mail stick story highlights Human Performance Lab

It is sometimes difficult to explain exactly what the Human Performance lab does. Benno Nigg PhD, who founded the lab, often says the lab combines expertise from a number of disciplines, with the goal of solving problems: problems in human health, problems in human performance and sometimes, problems with hockey sticks. The Globe & Mail recently ran a great story on Sean Riley and his quest to create a great hockey stick for Junior players. His search led him to the biomechanics experts in Kinesiology's world famous Human Performance Lab. Read the story here (and thanks to the Globe for the great example!) >> Read the Globe story.

Largest single gift in the history of the Dinos establishes John Forzani Memorial Athletic Awards.

The life and legacy of John Forzani have been recognized with the largest single gift in the history of the University of Calgary Dinos.

The Dinos 5th Quarter Association, together with the Forzani Group Foundation, the Flames Foundation for Life, and the View West Foundation, announced Thursday a gift of $1.5 million to create the John Forzani Memorial Athletic Awards, which will provide scholarships for student-athletes on the Dinos football team. The awards will fund tuition and mandatory fees for eligible Dinos football players in perpetuity, relieving the financial burden of attending university.

New bike helps paralyzed patients cycle again.

University of Calgary Active Living, recently announced the installation of a new functional electrical stimulation (FES) bicycle in the Thrive Centre, part of the Faculty of Kinesiology. The $32,000 bicycle is being made available for public use thanks to the combined efforts of the Amanda Project, Spinal Cord Injury Alberta, the Faculty of Kinesiology, the Division of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, and a generous grant from the Calgary Health Trust.

The FES bike provides surface electrical stimulation through the skin, stimulating the muscles in a coordinated fashion that simulates a cycling motion. The device is a vital therapeutic tool designed to help people with a variety of conditions including spinal cord injury, stroke and multiple sclerosis. >> Read More

Study shows rats fed a dietary fibre supplement had better weight control 

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A University of Calgary study has found that rats fed a fibre supplement while on a high fat and high sugar diet show a much lower weight gain then those who did not eat the fibre. A team of researchers from the University of Calgary’s Cumming School of Medicine and the Faculty of Kinesiology say this study helps scientists better understand the mechanisms of weight control and energy balance.  

Raylene Reimer, PhD, RD, a co-author of the study from the Faculty of Kinesiology has published several studies looking at the relationship between oligofructose and weight management in humans and has identified a dose that helps adults and children eat less and reduce their body fat.  “It is not a ‘magic bullet’,” says Reimer who is a professor in the Faculty of Kinesiology, a member of the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and a member of the university’s Alberta Children’s Hospital Research Institute.“If you take prebiotic fibre, it doesn’t cause you to lose 100 pounds in six months,” she says.

Dr. Reed Ferber & Bill Richardson recognized for teaching excellence at UofC Teaching Awards

Two of Kinesiology's most accomplished and inspiring teachers were recently recognized at the University of Calgary Teaching Awards. Bill Richardson who teaches Computer Applications in Kinesiology and Reed Ferber who teaches Human Anatomy and Physiology.

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Dr. Cy Frank remembered March 21.

Family, friends and colleagues gathered in the Jack Simpson Gym on Saturday to mark a fond, final farewell to Dr. Cy Frank, who passed away on March 5. Frank was remembered as a loving father and husband, and a generous and humble, colleague and friend.

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University provides a first look at new Biomedical Engineering strategic research theme 

On Monday March 2, the University of Calgary announced the launch of the Engineering Solutions for Health: Biomedical Engineering (BME) Research Strategy. President Elizabeth Cannon, Vice-President (Research) Ed McCauley and theme leader Michael Kallos revealed the strategy to a crowd at the Rozsa Centre.  "I am proud that we have a solid direction for biomedical engineering research that represents the vision of our collective biomedical engineering academic research community,” said President Cannon. “This strategy embodies what is best about the University of Calgary — our drive, our passion, and our bold aspirations.”

Biomedical engineering is the application of engineering tools and approaches to advance knowledge and solve problems in animal and human biology, medicine and health care. 

Saleem Abubacker, a PhD student in Kinesiology, BME researcher Tannin Schmidt's lab was profiled in UToday, as part of the launch. Saleem decided to come to the University of Calgary after talking with Tannin Schmidt, who is studying the therapeutic application of lubricin a naturally occurring protein found in the synovial fluid. >> read the Utoday story. 

Kinesiology Post Doctoral Fellows, win 40% of AIHS Fellowships awarded to University of Calgary.

Yesterday, Alberta Innovates Health Solutions, announced the winners of the 2014 Postgraduate Fellowship Competition. Amazingly, University of Calgary scholars were awarded 22 of the 37 total fellowships, but perhaps even more amazing is that Faculty of Kineisology affiliated researchers received 9 of those 22 scholarships, 41 per cent. 

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