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Institutional Research Information Services Solution (IRISS) is an online system that manages all human ethics and animal care protocols for the University of Calgary.

IRISS was implemented in 2011 to give researchers and their teams an automated workflow when applying for certifications necessary to conduct research, and provides consistency and compliance for audit reporting, regulatory bodies and funding agencies.


- Internet Explorer version 7 or higher for machines running a Microsoft Windows operating system 

- Safari version 5.1.7 or higher for machines running an Apple operating system

Other browsers may result in some functionality not being fully supported (i.e. formatting, scroll bars in pop- up windows, etc).

General IRISS assistance: iriss.support@ucalgary.ca

You must provide the following information:

  1. Ethics ID # or ACC Protocol ID # (if initiated or active)
  2. Name of Principal Investigator
  3. Description of the support request


Effective Friday, 1 April 2016, all NEW cancer-related ethics applications must be directed to HREBA:CC  http://hreba.ca/hreba-cancer-committee/

For more information on ‘where to apply’: click here

Feb 2, 2016: REB: ALL Principal Investigators must upload their resume into their Researcher Profile in IRISS. New applications will not be processed without the PI's resume.

Feb 1, 2016: REB: Faculty members, postdoctoral scholars, and students are required to complete the TCPS 2 tutorial and upload the certificate of completion into their Researcher Profile in IRISS. Do NOT upload in the documentation section of a study. Register on the TCPS 2 website <https://tcps2core.ca/register>. When registering, be sure to use your institution email address (name @ucalgary.ca)

Dec 16, 2015: REB: The management of expired ethics certifications is now automated. For  more information, click here.


To register for IRISS - click on the Login link above and complete the registration process. Registration requests are processed every Tuesday & Thursday.

Scheduled Maintenance: 

Thursday, May 11 - Friday, May 12: 11:00PM (MST) - 6:00AM (MST)

Sunday (ongoing weekly outage): 1:00AM - 3:00AM (MST)

Please ensure you are logged off the system during this time as work that has not been saved will be lost.