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Welcome to the Canadian Number Theory Association Conference (CNTA XIV)

The Canadian Number Theory Association (CNTA) was founded in 1987 at the International Number Theory Conference at Laval University (Quebec), for the purpose of enhancing and promoting learning and research in number theory, particularly in Canada. To advance these goals, the CNTA organizes bi-annual conferences that showcase new research in number theory, with the aim of exposing Canadian and international students and researchers to the latest developments in the field. The CNTA meetings are among the largest number theory conferences world-wide.  A list of previous CNTA meetings can be found here.

CNTA-XIV will be held from June 20-24, 2016 at the University of Calgary. The conference will feature:

See Video Tributes to Richard Guy as well!


CNTA-XIV aims to foster diversity, committing to a target of at least 25% female participation.

The 2016 Summer Meeting of the Canadian Mathematical Society will take place June 24-27, 2016, at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, about three hours north of Calgary by car or bus. Among many other activities, the event includes a plenary lecture by Andrew Granville on June 25, special sessions on computational number theory and analytic number theory and Diophantine equations, and a special session on combinatorial games to celebrate Richard K. Guy's 100th birthday.

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