Submit Your Appeal

This form should be used to submit an appeal to the University Appeals Committee or University Appeals Tribunal for a decision regarding Academic Assessment, Academic Progression, Student Academic Misconduct or Student Non-Academic Misconduct.

The form cannot be saved before submitting, so please ensure you have all information ready to complete the form before beginning, complete all sections of the form and submit by the appeal deadline.

As technical issues may arise, it is highly recommended that the form be submitted in advance of the 11:59 pm deadline.

After you submit the form, your appeal will be sent to an Appeal Review Administrator, who will decide whether you will be granted permission to appeal as per the University Appeals Committee Procedure or University Appeals Tribunal Procedure. The University Student Appeals Office will provide you with the Appeal Review Administrator’s decision within 10 business days from the date your appeal was received.

If you require assistance completing this form or you have questions about the appeals process, please see the Before I submit my appeal checklist, Writing Your Appeal tips and FAQ’s & Other Resources under the on the University Student Appeals Office website or contact us at

Student Appeal Submission Form

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