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Graduate Studies Calendar 2017-2018 Academic Regulations D.3 Student Status
D.3 Student Status
D.3.a) Research-Based Programs

Research-based programs include thesis-based programs and research master’s programs. Research master’s include a significant research component, and would normally be considered acceptable preparation for a PhD program. Some course-based MA and MSc programs are considered research master’s programs. These are designated as such in the program’s calendar entry.

Students registered in research master’s and doctoral programs will be considered full-time unless their program formally offers a part-time option, by listing the option under their respective program entry in this calendar and approves the student for a part-time registration status.

It is understood that full-time students will normally work an average of 40 hours per week on program-related activities. Program-related activities include course work, systematic reading, laboratory or other research work related to the production of thesis proposals and/or defence of thesis and thesis proposals, field work, and study for candidacy examinations.

D.3.b) Course-Based Programs
D.3.b) i. Course Work Minima

Course-based graduate programs normally consist of at least 36 units (6.0 full-course equivalents) taken at the graduate level. Audited courses do not count towards the fulfillment of program requirements.

D.3.b) ii. Full-time Students

Students will be considered full-time if they enrol in 18 units (3.0 full-course equivalents) or more per annual registration.

D.3.b) iii. Part-time Students

In order to remain eligible for part-time status, students may enrol in no more than 15 units (2.5 full-course equivalents) per annual registration.

Enrolment in additional courses will require a change in status to full-time enrolment.

Part-time enrolment status must be approved by the graduate program.

D.3.c) Change of Registration or Status

A change from part-time to full-time status will require program approval indicating satisfactory progress for full-time registration. It will also require that students pay the full-time general fees for the full year retroactive to their annual registration term.

Changes to full-time/part-time status subsequent to the posted deadline must be submitted to the Faculty of Graduate Studies on a Change of Program or Status form. Forms are available on the Faculty of Graduate Studies website at: Course changes must be done through the Student Centre at and will be considered until the deadlines listed in the Academic Schedule of this Calendar.

Course changes after the posted deadline must be done on a Faculty of Graduate Studies Change of Course Registration form and a $60 late registration fee will be charged. Forms are available on the Faculty of Graduate Studies website at:

Registration to audit a course must be done on a Faculty of Graduate Studies Change of Course Registration form.

D.3.d) Fees and Registration Status for GSA Executives

Students volunteering in an executive role with the Graduate Students’ Association (GSA) shall be registered as a full-time student and noted as having GSA responsibilities for the length of their term with the GSA.

During their term with the GSA, executives are released from course, research, and teaching responsibilities in proportion to the expectations of their role with the GSA. Related funding may be deferred.

While holding an executive role with the GSA, students shall pay continuing fees regardless of time in the program.