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Graduate Studies Calendar 2016-2017 Welcome Message from the GSA President
Message from the GSA President

As the outgoing President of the Graduate Students’ Association at the University of Calgary, I would like to welcome all incoming graduate students to the University. You will have the chance, this year, to experience the University at a special time in our history.

Graduate school can be an opportunity to explore your passion and interests, follow your curiosity, and contribute in a meaningful way to your discipline. You have arrived at an institution committed to allowing you the fullest expression of that opportunity. Over the past few years, the Graduate Students’ Association, the Faculty of Graduate Studies, and the University have worked hard to improve the quality of graduate education at the University, the size and scope of the opportunities available to graduate students, and the impact and importance of graduate students on campus life.

Beginning April 29, 2016, the University of Calgary will begin a yearlong celebration of its 50th Anniversary. The celebration will not only include a number of special announcements and initiatives, but also a renewal of the University’s Eyes High vision. Over the last few years, pursuit of the Eyes High strategic goals has resulted in significant and material improvement in the graduate student life on campus, and I anticipate the renewal of this strategy will provide additional opportunities to graduate students to contribute meaningfully to the experience of everyone on campus in the coming years.

In addition to our participation in these initiatives, the GSA adopted a three-year strategic plan in which we dedicated ourselves to being a leader in graduate education in Canada. The University of Calgary GSA has taken a leadership role nationally through our participation in the Graduate U-15, and provincially through Alberta Graduate Provincial Advocacy Council (Ab-GPAC), our provincial advocacy group. We have committed to providing nation-leading services and programming for graduate students, and we are excited by the future for graduate students at the University of Calgary.

As the previous Team welcomes a new Executive Team, I want to encourage all graduate students to become a vital part of our campus experience — look for opportunities to contribute beyond your discipline or department. There are great things awaiting you.

Best wishes,
Michael Webster
GSA President 2015-16