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C.8 Payment and Collection of Fees

For information on how to pay your fees, please visit

Graduate students receiving funding through the University of Calgary may apply for a Payment Plan which arranges the fee payment to be spread over a period of time. For more information and eligibility, visit:

Students may pay their fees by various methods. Visit the Enrolment Services website for further information:

  • If fees are paid from some form of student assistance, it is the responsibility of the student to advise the Fee Advisor and to produce a letter from the source of the assistance as confirmation. This must be done before the fee payment deadline to avoid penalty. For a list of other options for payment of fees, such as Sponsorship, or Scholarships or Bursaries, visit:
  • If fees are to be paid from government student loans, Enrolment Services must certify the loan funding and remit any tuition owing to the University of Calgary on or before the term fee deadline in order for fees to be deferred for thirty days beyond the fee deadline. For more information please visit:
  • Students receiving disbursement of their student loan in one installment may have both Fall and Winter Term fees deducted from the single installment plus any other outstanding debts appearing on the student account. Students receiving disbursement of their loan in two installments will have Fall Term fees deducted from the first installment and Winter Term fees deducted from the second installment.

If financial assistance is refused, fees must be paid by the term fee deadline, and may accrue late interest if not paid on time. It should be noted that students will not have their registration cancelled if financial assistance is refused and such students will be liable for all tuition and general fees owing for the term.

Tuition and general fees must be paid no later than the term fee deadline indicated in the Academic Schedule for the student's annual registration term.

All annual full and continuing fees are pro-rated over four terms as follows:

1/3 in Fall

1/3 in Winter

1/6 in Spring

1/6 in Summer