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Graduate Studies Calendar 2015-2016 Fees and Expenses C.3 General Fees
C.3 General Fees

All graduate students are assessed general fees, which are subject to change without notice, each year.

General fees are assessed yearly and on a per term basis. See "General Fees" charts for more information.

Effective Winter 2016, the U-Pass rate is $130.00 per term.

Late Charges

Students who do not register by the posted deadline will be assessed a late registration fee of $60.00.

Students who make course changes (i.e., additions or substitutions) after the posted deadline will be assessed a fee of $60.00 for each Change of Registration form.

General Fees Chart (Assessed Yearly)
  Full-Time Part-Time  
Graduate Students' Association (GSA) $160.07 $132.57  All students
Group Insurance $11.00   Full-time students only
Extended Health Insurance/
Dental Insurance*
$283.52/$231.64   Each student is responsible for his/her own basic health care coverage and must be enrolled in a provincial health plan or its equivalent. The Graduate Student Association arranges an extended health and dental benefit plan which is compulsory for full-time students unless proof of alternative coverage (i.e., Blue Cross, Clarica), with his/her name and UCID on it, is submitted to the GSA online ( or in person (MacKimmie Tower, Room 214) before the fee payment deadline. Family Coverage must be applied for before the fee deadline. Part-time students are automatically excluded from the Health and Dental Plan, but may apply to the GSA to purchase this coverage. Application must be made before the fee payment deadline.
Graduate Bursary Donation $10.00 $10.00


Must opt-out in writing through the Faculty of Graduate Studies before the Fee Payment deadline of your Annual Registration by emailing

TOTAL $696.23 $142.57  
*Must opt-out online, or by sending the appropriate form and documentation to the Graduate Students Association before the Fee Payment deadline of your Annual Registration.
General Fees Assessed on a Per Term Basis




Spring/ Summer* 2015
Fall 2015
Winter 2016 Spring/Summer* 2016
Fall 2015
Winter 2016


Full-time students only

$24.65 $24.64
$24.65 $24.64
Campus Recreation
$35.90 $35.91 $35.90 $35.90 $35.91 $35.90
Student Services Fee
$150.00 $150.00 $150.00 $50.00

$310.90 $335.56 $340.54 $85.90 $110.56 $110.54

*All Spring/Summer services are available May 1st and expire on August 31st. Summer registrants will be charged the Spring/Summer amount in July; all other registrants will be charged the Spring/Summer amount in May. For additional information on fees and payment plans please see: