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Graduate Studies Calendar 2015-2016 Academic Regulations F. Interdisciplinary Degrees
F. Interdisciplinary Degrees

The Interdisciplinary Degree allows a qualified graduate student to pursue thesis-based research (Master's, PhD) in an area that does not fit the traditional disciplinary requirements of only one graduate program. The requirements for the student's program are individually tailored to meet his/her research interests. Research is carried out under the direction and guidance of a Supervisor, Co-Supervisor and Supervisory Committee whose research expertise is relevant to the disciplinary areas. The student should submit an application form and fee, along with official transcripts and letters of reference to the intended home graduate program. The application must meet the minimum Faculty of Graduate Studies requirements for admission. The prospective home program will work with the conjoint program to establish coursework and candidacy examination requirements. Parchments for the Interdisciplinary Degree will identify both the home and conjoint programs. Contact the prospective home graduate program for further details.