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Graduate Studies Calendar 2011-2012 Interdisciplinary Specializations Israel Studies ISST
Israel Studies - ISST
Contact Information Dr. David Tal
Kahanoff Chair in Israel Studies
Location: SS 646
Faculty number: 403.220.6405
Fax: 403.282.8606
E-mail address: dtal@ucalgary.ca
Web page URL: http://ss.ucalgary.ca/isst/
1. Degrees and Specializations Offered The University offers an interdisciplinary specialization in Israel Studies to students registered in an existing graduate program. The student will receive the degree offered by the home program.
Master of Arts (MA)
Specialization: Israel Studies (Interdisciplinary)
2. Admission Requirements In selecting students for the program, a broad range of disciplinary backgrounds will be considered as well as relevant experience. Upon application to an existing program students must contact the Israel Studies Program Director.
All applicants must meet the requirements of the Faculty of Graduate Studies and the home program. In addition applicant must send the Israel Studies Program:

a)  A copy of a graded writing sample;

b)  A 250-word (minimum) statement of research interest including research topics in the field and reasons for pursuing a graduate degree with a specialization in Israel Studies.
3. Application Deadline The deadlines for the submission of complete applications correspond to the home program through which applicants have applied.
4. Advanced Credit The applicant must make advanced credit requests as part of the admission process. Credit will not be given for course work taken as part of another completed degree/diploma or for courses taken to bring the grade point average to a required level for admission.
5. Program/Course Requirements

In addition to the Faculty of Graduate Studies and the home program requirements, the Program requires:

Master of Arts
a) A minimum of one year of full-time study at the University of Calgary.

b) Three full-course equivalents:

Israel Studies 601 (half course)
• One full-course equivalent in the student's disciplinary focus
• One appropriate methods course in the focus discipline - for example, History 690 or Political Science 691 (half course)
• One full-course equivalent in Israel Studies options, to be chosen from:
- English 607.14
- English 607.17
- History 515
- History 691
- Political Science 596.74
- Political Science 675.01
- Political Science 681
- Religious Studies 601
- Religious Studies 681
- Strategic Studies 651 (topic focused on Israel)
- Strategic Studies 653 (topic focused on Israel)

Course selection will be made in consultation with the Israel Studies Program Director and in relation to the student's field of thesis research.

c) A demonstration of reading knowledge of Hebrew or a second language related to the major field of study before the oral thesis defence. Students may satisfy this requirement by successfully completing a language examination administered by the Israel Studies Program Director, by successfully competing Religious Studies 207 and 209, or by successfully completing equivalent language courses (e.g., in Arabic or Russian) should this be required by a student's area of concentration.

6. Additional Requirements None.
7. Credit for Undergraduate Courses Students may apply for no more than one 500-level course for graduate credit, subject to the approval of the Program Director. Graduate students taking a 500-level course for graduate credit will be required to complete additional assignments.
8. Time Limit Expected completion time is two years. Maximum completion time is four years.
9. Supervisory Assignments Students will be assigned a supervisor upon admission.
10. Required Examinations Final thesis oral examinations are open.
11. Research Proposal Requirements Within twenty months of entering the program, the student, with the supervisor’s advice, develops a thesis research proposal to be submitted to the Program Director for approval and placed on file.
12. Special Registration Information None.
13. Financial Assistance Financial assistance may be available to qualified students. For information on awards, see the Awards and Financial Assistance section of this Calendar.

Students applying for scholarships must submit their applications to the Program in accordance with the home department deadline.
14. Other Information Given the limited resources, the Program may, in any year, admit fewer applicants than those who are qualified to undertake graduate studies.