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5.4 Program Details
Schedule of Classes and Timetable

The schedule of classes offered in each year of the MD Program is available online in the student scheduling system OSLER. In exceptional circumstances changes may be made to a student's timetable to meet the schedule of the program. Schedule of detailed class information is available in the online student schedule in OSLER at:

Students should refer to the online schedule in OSLER to ensure that they are not scheduling extracurricular events or overlapping with scheduled class time. In addition, master timetables of the curriculum can be found online. Refer to this link for the most updated version of the general timetable:


Year 1: July – March (9 Months)
Year 2: April – January (10 Months)
Year 3: January – April (14 Months)

Curriculum Requirements (Core Courses)

Year 1: Medicine 300, 320, 330, 340, 345, 350, 360, 370
Year 2: Medicine 400, 402, 410, 420, 430, 445, 450, 460, 470, 480, 485, 490, 495
Year 3: Medicine 500, 502, 504, 506, 508, 510, 512, 514, 515, 516, 520, 522

For a complete listing and description of all courses offered in the MD Program, refer to the Courses of Instruction section of the University Calendar.

Program Extensions

Students are allowed to request a program extension through the Student Academic Review Committee (SARC). Process for these requests is outlined in the SARC Terms of Reference, Appendix, Section E as found in:

Extensions may be allowed in the clerkship year (Year 3 of Program) as a result of a student failing to be matched in the Canadian Resident Matching Service (CaRMS) residency match.

Maximum Time Allowance to Complete the Curriculum

Students are required to complete the first two years of the MD curriculum within no more than four years from the initiation of studies, and complete the third clerkship year within two years after the completion of the first two years of study. Exceptions are made for students formally enrolled in the MD/PhD or MD/MSc Programs, where the maximum time allowed for the completion of the combined programs is eight and six years respectively. Exceptions may be made in other unusual circumstances.

Approved leaves of absence (single or cumulative) may extend the time to complete the curriculum by no more than two years beyond the maximum time allowances.

Please refer to the Student Academic Review Committee (SARC) Terms of Reference for further information at: