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University of Calgary Calendar 2016-2017 Haskayne School of Business 4. Program Details 4.1 Bachelor of Commerce (BComm) 4.1.1 BComm Requirements for Direct Entry Students
4.1.1 BComm Requirements for Direct Entry Students

Applicants planning to enter the BComm program from high school must present English Language Arts 30-1, Mathematics 30-1 or equivalent, and three additional academic subjects at the 30-level approved by the Haskayne School of Business (see Undergraduate Admissions section of this Calendar for more details). To be eligible for first year admission consideration, applicants must be coming directly from high school and/or presenting no more than 6 units (1.0 full-course equivalent) of transferable post-secondary courses (including University of Calgary courses).

Assistance in program planning is available through the Haskayne Undergraduate Programs Office.

Recommended Program Sequence - Year 1

(Transfer applicants refer to 4.1.2 BComm Pre-Commerce Requirements for Transfer Students for admission requirements. Only those students already admitted into the BComm program may follow the sequence below.)

Students directly admitted from high school are advised to complete up to 30 units (5.0 full-course equivalents) over the Fall and Winter Terms of their first year as outlined below. Ahead of registration, students are cautioned to consult course descriptions. The pre- or co-requisites listed within each course description (if any), will drive the selection and term sequencing, not the order in which the requirements appear in the following lists.

It is recommended that the following graduation requirements be taken in first year:

  1. Economics 201
  2. Economics 203
  3. Junior English
  4. Management Studies 217
  5. Mathematics 249 or 265
  6. Statistics 213
  7. Strategy and Global Management 217

In addition to the 21 units (3.5 full-course equivalents) listed above, up to 9 units (1.5 full-course equivalents) may be selected from the list below in order to complete Year 1 registration:

  1. Accounting 217
  2. Statistics 217
  3. Junior Humanities or Fine Arts Option1
  4. Junior Science Option1,2,3
  5. Junior Social Sciences Option1
  6. Junior Non-Commerce Option1

Note: First-year students are restricted to junior (200-level) courses in their first year. Prior to registering in senior (300-level) courses, 18 units (3.0 full-course equivalents) at the junior level must be successfully completed.

1Students are advised to refer to 3.3 Course Work "Enrolment in Non-Commerce Courses" for option selection. Only one Economics course can be used towards the Non-Commerce Options or Social Sciences Options in the Bachelor of Commerce degree. Junior or Senior Non-Commerce Options cannot be Statistics.

2Excluding Actuarial Science, Applied Mathematics, Computer Science, Mathematics, Pure Mathematics and Statistics.

3Students who wish to pursue a Concentration in Petroleum Land Management are advised that a 200-level course in Geology is recommended prior to registration in the introductory Petroleum Land Management courses.