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University of Calgary Calendar 2016-2017 COURSES OF INSTRUCTION Course Descriptions E Environmental Design Landscape EVDL
Environmental Design Landscape EVDL
EVDL 603 605 607 609 629 639 641 643 677 777

Instruction offered by members of the Faculty of Environmental Design.

Environmental Design Landscape courses are only open to students in the Master of Landscape Architecture program or with consent of the instructor.

Graduate Courses
Environmental Design Landscape 603       Site Technology I: Grading and Landform
Provides a working knowledge of grading, landform and storm water management systems and techniques. Covers fundamentals and advanced technologies including GPS grading and landform manipulation.
Course Hours:
3 units; H(2-2)
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Environmental Design Landscape 605       Site Technology II: Construction and Materials
Provides a working knowledge of landscape construction methods and materials through practical application of theories and techniques via a design project.
Course Hours:
3 units; H(2-2)
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Environmental Design Landscape 607       GIS for Landscape Architecture
Application of GIS modelling techniques to landscape planning, design and management issues. Advanced consideration of GIS for spatial planning and application to studio and research projects.

Course Hours:
3 units; H(2-2)
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Environmental Design Landscape 609       Advanced Digital Design, Representation and Communication for Landscape Architecture
Digital media offers a variety of tools and techniques to experiment, communicate and visualize their ideas and to collaborate with colleagues, allied professionals, and the public. Provides instruction in current methods and techniques of digital media used in the research and practice of landscape architecture, as well as state-of-the-art communication, collaboration and visualization hardware and software.
Course Hours:
3 units; H(0-3)
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Environmental Design Landscape 629       Landscape Architecture History and Theory
An introduction to the history, theory and contemporary issues of landscape architecture. Develop a critical awareness of major conceptual frameworks, and the socio-political contexts in which they developed, both conceptually and in realized projects.
Course Hours:
3 units; H(3-0)
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Environmental Design Landscape 639       Landscape Responses to Climate Change, Energy and Water
Identifies landscape-oriented solutions to local and global issues of climate change, energy, and water problems through research and project proposals. Provides the opportunity to identify the most pressing local, regional or international issues and develop solutions.
Course Hours:
3 units; H(2-2)
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Environmental Design Landscape 641       Green Infrastructure/Winter City Design
An introduction to the systems of urban and regional resource management through targeted green infrastructure projects, particularly in a winter city context. Provides background on current methods, the state-of-the-art, and research and development that will shape future technologies. Identifies contemporary approaches, sociocultural, and ecological concepts for using plant material in landscapes, green roofs and biomass.
Course Hours:
3 units; H(2-2)
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Environmental Design Landscape 643       Professional Practice and Project Management for Landscape Architecture
An introduction to the professional practice of landscape architecture. Includes the legal and ethical frameworks for practice, as well as project management.
Course Hours:
3 units; H(3-0)
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Environmental Design Landscape 677       Landscape Architecture Studio
An integration of skills and processes developed to this point in the program through an investigation into a topical, issue-based problem, and development of solution(s) in a landscape context.
Course Hours:
3 units; H(0-8)
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Environmental Design Landscape 777       Senior Research Studio in Landscape Architecture
A research-oriented project studio that explores contemporary themes in landscape architecture. Centres on a real world problem or project; the analysis of issues and context, and the formulation of a comprehensive design solution involving advanced methods, techniques and practices.
Course Hours:
6 units; F(0-8)
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