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University of Calgary Calendar 2016-2017 Co-operative Education/Internship 2. Academic Regulations 2.5 Student Standing
2.5 Student Standing
Co-operative Education/Internship Course Evaluation

Successful completion (Completed Requirements) of a co-operative education course/work term requires submission of work term reports and/or assignments and satisfactory job performance.

Work Term Report: The work term report is evaluated by a faculty member. Provided that it meets established criteria, the report is marked a Pass. If it is sub-standard, a Re-submit is required.

Failure to meet the work term report requirements results in a grade of "F" for the course. The student will be required to withdraw from the program and will not receive Co-operative Education/Internship designation.

Work Term Assignments: Students in the Schulich School of Engineering will be expected to complete assignments as part of their internship courses. Work term assignments must be submitted by specified dates, and will be evaluated by staff in the Schulich School of Engineering. Provided an assignment meets established criteria, the assignment will be deemed to be a Pass. If an assignment is sub-standard, a re-submit is required. Students should attempt to submit all course components by their respective specified deadlines. All required coursework must be submitted no later than the date on which classes end in the term as specified in the Academic Schedule. All coursework submitted within a 5 day period following the date when classes end will only be accepted if an extension was previously approved by the course instructor. A Deferral of Term Work form must be completed, should an extension of time be sought for completion of any term work beyond the 5 day period. Deferrals may only be granted at the discretion of the Dean of the Schulich School of Engineering, and will normally not exceed thirty days. In the event a student receives permission from the Dean to defer their coursework, they will receive a final grade of incomplete (I) during the deferral period. If all course components are not satisfactorily completed and submitted prior to the end of the deferral period, the final course grade will be changed to a fail (F). A final grade of "F" in an internship course will prevent students from registering in subsequent internship courses. If eligible, the student may choose to repeat the course in the subsequent term. Not clearing a final grade of "F" from an Internship (INTE) course will result in the student being removed from the internship program, and may result in the student being withdrawn from the Engineering program. Note that a student may only receive a final grade of "F" once during the internship period and still remain in the internship program.

Job Performance: The student's job performance is assessed by the employer. Performance evaluations are conducted periodically during the internship and submitted to the Internship Office. An Advisor monitors performance feedback to determine whether any follow-up action is required.

If a student receives unsatisfactory performance or is asked to leave employment by an employer, the University will investigate the situation and determine the appropriate grade. If a student is asked to leave employment for "just cause" a grade of "F" will be given and the student will be required to withdraw from the Co-operative Education/Internship program. The student will not receive Co-operative Education/Internship designation and a permanent notation will be placed on the transcript of record that the student was required to withdraw from the Co-operative Education/Internship program.

Maintenance Requirements

Students must meet minimum GPA and course requirements established by faculty and maintain full-time status on academic sessions. Students who do not meet these requirements will be required to withdraw from the Co-operative Education/Internship program.