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University of Calgary Calendar 2015-2016 COURSES OF INSTRUCTION Course Descriptions S South Asian Studies SAST
South Asian Studies SAST

Instruction offered under the direction of the Faculty of Arts. Please contact the Arts Students’ Centre for specific details.

Senior Courses
South Asian Studies 315       Understanding South Asia
The roots of ancient civilization; society, resources and environment; racial, ethnic and cultural diversities; philosophic and religious traditions; arts and aesthetics; historical bases of tradition and modernity; role of education in social development; ideological differences and economic development. Primary focus on India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Nepal.
Course Hours:
3 units; H(3-0)
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South Asian Studies 415       Contemporary Indian Society and Culture
This interdisciplinary course will discuss the culture and society of India today. Emphasis will be on casteism, communalism, religion, regionalism, globalization, ethnicity, class and gender in Indian society.
Course Hours:
3 units; H(3-0)
South Asian Studies 315 or consent of the Faculty.
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South Asian Studies 499       Topics in South Asian Studies

Investigation of themes and methodologies related to the study of South Asian civilizations. A single theme, multiple themes or the study and application of one or more methods employed in Asian Studies may be offered. Themes/methods will vary among offerings.

499.01. Methods in South Asian Studies

499.02. Contemporary Issues in South Asia

499.03. Topics in the History of South Asia

Course Hours:
3 units; H(3-0)
South Asian Studies 315 or 415 or consent of the Program Co-ordinator.
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South Asian Studies 531       Issues in South Asia
An Interdisciplinary, inquiry-based course in which students will pursue a supervised, independent research project on a topic from social, philosophical, economic, political and/or international issues within South Asia and analysis of the basis for interactions among South Asian countries and across the Pacific will be presented in-depth.
Course Hours:
3 units; H(3-0)
Consent of the Program Co-ordinator and either South Asian Studies 315 or 415.
Credit for both South Asian Studies 531 and South Asian Societies 500 will not be allowed.
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