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University of Calgary Calendar 2015-2016 Cumming School of Medicine 6. Administration
6. Administration
Faculty Administrative Officers


J.B. Meddings

Vice Dean

G.M. MacQueen

Senior Associate Dean (Education)

J. Lockyer

Senior Associate Dean (Research)

G.W. Zamponi

Senior Associate Dean (Faculty Affairs)

R.J. Bridges

Senior Associate Dean (Health Research)

M. Tonelli

Associate Dean (Undergraduate Medical Education)

S. Coderre

Assistant Dean (Undergraduate Medical Education, Clerkship)

P.M. Veale

Assistant Dean (Undergraduate Medical Education, Pre-Clerkship)

K.D. Busche

Assistant Dean (Undergraduate Medical Education, Research & Innovation)

K.J. McLaughlin

Associate Dean (Post Graduate Medical Education)

M.H. Topps

Assistant Dean (Post Graduate Medical Education)

P. Chu

Associate Dean (Graduate Sciences Education)

T.L. Beattie

Assistant Dean (Graduate Sciences Education)


Associate Dean (Continuing Medical Education & Professional Development)

L.J. Cooke

Assistant Dean (Continuing Medical Education & Professional Development: Specialist Education)

N.S. Schachar

Assistant Dean (Continuing Medical Education & Professional Development: Family Physician Education)

H.A. Armson

Associate Dean (Global Health and International Partnerships)

J.M. Hatfield

Assistant Dean (Global Health, Capacity Building)

H. Benediktsson

Assistant Dean (Global Health, Education Development)

G.L. Hollaar

Associate Dean (Distributed Learning & Rural Initiatives)

D.L. Myhre

Associate Dean (Undergraduate Health and Science Education)

E.U. Kurz

Associate Dean (Clinical Research)

S. Wiebe

Associate Dean (Clinical Trials)

D. Exner

Associate Dean (Faculty Assessment and Development)

K. Patel

Associate Dean (Equity & Teacher-Learner Relations)

J. De Groot

Associate Dean (Research Grants)

R.W. Turner

Associate Dean (Research Infrastructure)

P. Schnetkamp

Executive Director (Alumni Affairs)

E. Woolner

Executive Director & Chief Financial Officer

G. Levy

For more information, please visit the Cumming School of Medicine website at