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University of Calgary Calendar 2015-2016 Academic Regulations C. Competence Test C.1 Mathematics Diagnostic Test
C.1 Mathematics Diagnostic Test

Mathematics II, offered by Continuing Education, with a grade of "D" or better is acceptable in lieu of Pure Mathematics 30 for general admission requirements.

Students who wish to enrol in courses in the Faculty of Science for which Pure Mathematics 30 is a prerequisite, and who wish to use Mathematics II to satisfy that prerequisite, must achieve a grade of "C-" or higher in Mathematics II.

Students whose programs require Mathematics 211 or 213 and/or 249 should note that entry to these courses is restricted to students who have met one of the following three prerequisites:

(a) A grade of 70 per cent or higher in Mathematics 30-1 or Pure Mathematics 30;

(b) A grade of "B-" or 70 per cent or better in the non-credit courses Mathematics II or College Algebra and Trigonometry offered by Continuing Education;

(c) A grade of 70 per cent or higher on the Mathematics Diagnostic Test administered by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.

For entry to Mathematics 265, students must present one of the above and Mathematics 31.


1. Students meeting prerequisite (a) should enrol directly into Mathematics 211 and/or 249; students meeting prerequisite (a) plus Mathematics 31 should enrol directly into Mathematics 265; all other students must take either Mathematics II or College Algebra and Trigonometry or must write the Mathematics Diagnostic Test.

2. The prerequisite for Mathematics II is Mathematics I or Pure Mathematics 20. Students who have not completed one of these prerequisites (including those who have completed Applied Mathematics 30) are directed to begin with Mathematics I.

3. Students who completed Pure Mathematics 20, but feel their skills are not current enough to take Mathematics II, are encouraged to take the Mathematics II Assessment Test administered by Continuing Education.

4. Students from outside Alberta who previously studied the material in Mathematics I also may be required to take the Mathematics II Assessment Test.

The Mathematics Diagnostic Test is a one hour test of the student's mastery of topics in Pure Mathematics 10, 20 and 30. It is offered four times per year. After receiving their notice of admission, newly admitted students who wish to write the Mathematics Diagnostic Test are advised to do so at the earliest opportunity.

The test is offered during the week preceding the start of classes in each of the Fall, Winter, Summer Terms (including Spring Intersession).

The fee is $50.00 for each taking of the test. The fee must be paid at Enrolment Services (MacKimmie Block 117) in advance of the test date; students are required to present proof of payment for admission to the test.

The test is administered on a computer and the results are available to the student immediately.

The Mathematics Diagnostic Test has the same status as a University final examination. Accordingly, any form of cheating is considered grounds for suspension or expulsion from the University. Proof of identity is required during the test. Students more than thirty minutes late will not be admitted to the examination.

Information about the test is available from the Undergraduate Office in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.