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University of Calgary Calendar 2010-2011 Faculty of Environmental Design 3. Admissions
3. Admissions

Admission to graduate degree programs in the Faculty follows Faculty of Graduate Studies regulations and requirements and Degree Program admission requirements identified below. Current Graduate Studies and Faculty admission requirements are available on the University website.

Applicants to the Environmental Design degree program will require a four-year baccalaureate degree from a recognized university with a grade point average (GPA) in the final two years of study of at least 3.00 (based on a four-point grading system). The Faculty of Graduate Studies may approve special admission requests.

Consistent with Faculty of Graduate Studies requirements, prior to admission to the Faculty of Environmental Design, all applicants must demonstrate English language proficiency for purposes of admission. Please refer to the Faculty of Graduate Studies website ( for current special admission request and English language proficiency requirements.

Because of limitations on enrolment, all applicants meeting admission requirements are not necessarily admitted.

Master of Architecture

Admission to the professional Architecture Program is a competitive process. Applicants must meet minimum Faculty of Graduate Studies requirements (including a 3.00 GPA and TOEFL) and the Architecture Program admission requirements (see the Faculty of Graduate Studies Calendar and additional information is also available on the Faculty of Environmental Design website). The three-year program includes a MArch Foundation Year and the two year MArch degree program. For admission to the two year MArch degree program, applicants must demonstrate successful completion of prerequisite requirements in four areas: Design, Technology, Communications, and History/Theory; this may be achieved in one of the following three ways:

  • Admission into the MArch Degree based on the completion of a recognized four year undergraduate degree with a minimum 3.00 GPA calculated on the final two years but needing to complete one or more of the ten half-course pre-requisites required for  admission. A student with these qualifications would enter the MArch Foundation Year and complete its studies prior to taking the regular two year curriculum in the MArch.
  • Admission into the MArch Degree based on the completion of a four year undergraduate degree from the University of Calgary with a Minor in Architectural Studies (ARST) and a minimum 3.00 GPA calculated on the final two years.
  • Admission into the MArch Degree based on the completion of a recognized four year undergraduate pre-professional architecture degree (or equivalent) program with a minimum 3.00 GPA calculated on the final two years.

Candidates for the MArch Program (including those entering into the Foundation Year of the Program) must submit a portfolio (along with the other application requirements), they must provide evidence of original (individual work is strongly preferred) and creative work in any visual or design field or medium, and briefly describe in writing the relevance of the skills shown by this work to the study of Architecture. This portfolio must be presented in a compact form (binder, envelope, or box no larger than 297 mm by 297 mm [11" x 11"] format). Students seeking advanced credit for courses should refer to the Faculty of Graduate Studies Calendar.

Master of Environmental Design

Applications are encouraged from a variety of academic and professional backgrounds including interdisciplinary undergraduate degrees, first professional design or planning degrees, post professional degrees and a combination of undergraduate degree and work-related experience.

The Master of Environmental Design is a thesis research degree and it is very important for applicants to provide a clear statement of their personal qualifications and research interests as part of their application package. In addition to these two separate statements, applicants must also provide selected examples of their own choosing that illustrate their academic or professional work including written work, project work or creative work in any media of choice. This material should be submitted in digital form on a DVD or CD. If this is not possible, the work should be presented in a box, envelope or binder not larger than 297 mm by 297 mm [11" x 11"] in size. If any of the work involves collaboration with others, please clearly identify what aspects of the work belong to the applicant and what is the work of others.

Application Procedures

The deadline date for applications to the Master of Architecture and Master of Environmental Design programs is February 1, for admission to the following Fall Term.  Degree Program Admission Committees for both the Master of Architecture and Master of Environmental Design evaluate the respective pool of eligible candidates and recommend admission to the Faculty of Graduate Studies for the most qualified applicants. New admissions to both Masters Degree Programs may be limited in number as required on an annual basis.