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University of Calgary Calendar 2010-2011 Faculty of Education 4. Professional Diploma Programs
4. Professional Diploma Programs

The Faculty of Education sponsors a number of professional diploma programs leading to the Diploma of the Faculty of Education. This diploma provides for

(a) Advanced study in an area in which a student has specialized undergraduate preparation; and

(b) Study in a new field, such as a second teaching specialization, in which a student has minimal undergraduate preparation.

Professional diploma programs are under review and many courses supporting the diploma programs are no long being offered. Please consult the Student Services Office and the appropriate Division for more information.


Application Deadlines

Refer to the Applications for Admission Schedule of this Calendar for application and documentation deadlines for Diploma programs.

Admission Requirements

Requirements for admission to these programs include:

1. An approved degree with a grade point average of at least 2.50 over the most recent course work to a maximum of five full-course equivalents (University of Calgary courses and/or transferable courses taken at other institutions). All grades within a term will be included except where the number of courses taken within a term exceeds that required to fulfill (to a maximum of) five full-course equivalents, in which case the highest grades will be used.

2. An interview with the appropriate Associate Dean or Assistant Dean or his/her representative to discuss program requirements and to complete program forms. Students must provide the Faculty with copies of their transcripts before or during the interview.

3. An approved program. Applicants will not be registered until such time as the diploma program has been approved and formal admission to the program has been granted.

The Professional Teaching Certificate (Alberta) or its equivalent or equivalent professional experience may be taken into consideration for admission to the diploma program. A Bachelor of Education degree is not a requirement for admission to the diploma program. However, a student must hold a Bachelor's degree which provides adequate background to engage in further studies in this area.


Exceptions, such as students from developing countries with background experience in management and/or program areas, may be considered as special cases by the Dean.

Applicants new to the University of Calgary or students who have not attended during the last year must complete an Application for Admission form and supply official transcripts in duplicate. Former University of Calgary students who have attended during the past year must complete a Change of Program form.

Within three weeks of the date of admission, students must submit a registration form. Failure to attend the term to which a student has been admitted will result in the admission being rescinded.

Program Requirements

Although specific courses will vary depending on the program, the following guidelines are to be followed by students in all programs:

1. A student must complete a minimum of four full-course equivalents satisfying divisional program requirements. At least two courses must be from the courses offered by the Faculty of Education and normally at least two courses numbered 600 or higher. A student lacking appropriate background may be required to complete one or more courses as prerequisites to the diploma program.

2. A grade point average of 3.00 or better is required on the four or five courses on the diploma program. (All courses taken subsequent to admission will be included in the calculation.) A grade below "C" will not be accepted for credit on a diploma program. The program must be completed within four calendar years. Relevant courses taken prior to admission (e.g., as an Open Studies student) may be allowed for credit toward the diploma; however, the date of the first course credited toward the diploma will indicate the commencement of the four-year time line.

General Notes:

1. Students who now hold the MEd degree may not obtain the diploma on the basis of course credits obtained on the MEd degree program.

2. Courses credited in a completed diploma may not be used for credit towards either the BEd degree or any graduate degree.

3. Those intending to apply for admission to the Faculty of Graduate Studies are advised that a full-time diploma year will not count as the equivalent of a residence year in the MA or MSc degree programs.

4. An area of specialization can be designated on the diploma. The area of specialization, however, must be indicated at the time of entry to the diploma program. Any change of specialization during study for the diploma must be approved by the Associate Dean of the appropriate division or his/her representative. Once an area of specialization has been placed on the diploma parchment, it cannot be altered.

5. Completion of the diploma does not fulfill the requirements for a teaching certificate.

6. Courses taken without approval may not be credited on the diploma. Faculty permission is required for courses and in some cases, because of practicum requirements, approval for admission to a course must be obtained from the instructor. Students should ask about such requirements.

7. Students may include an individual study course to cover a particular area of interest.